3 Common Fears about Marijuana Recovery

3 Common Fears about Marijuana Recovery

Marijuana receives much public attention, and it has been the subject of more than a few debates on its positive or negative effects. Marijuana is the most widely abused illegal substance in the world. However the people who are suffering from an addiction to marijuana cannot be brushed aside in favor of another argument over marijuana itself. Hundreds of thousands of people are seeking rehab for marijuana addiction each year, but there are many others who may fear rehab or recovery for various reasons. The longer an individual waits to get help, the more damage is done.

Fear of a Negative Reaction to Marijuana Addiction

The most common fear any marijuana addict faces is rejection from their family or friends. There can be a negative attitude directed to anyone who is suffering from an addiction due to social stigmas and a lack of real information about addiction. Marijuana users may fear that their loved ones share these negative views. They may worry that if they attempt recovery, their peers will discover their addiction struggle and mock or shun them for it. However, this should not deter a person from seeking treatment, and any real friends or caring loved ones will support recovery efforts and encourage an individual to get help. Marijuana abuse can lead to many negative effects in life, and addiction should be stopped before it gets any worse.

Fear of Marijuana Addiction Recovery Failure

Some people fear failing a class, while other fear they will fail at their new job. Fear of failure is a powerful emotion, and many fear they will fail to overcome marijuana addiction. Some people may never attend rehab or ask for help, because they think that it is impossible to break addiction. Others may succeed in rehab, but they fear that relapse will only be a few weeks away. Marijuana addiction can become so strong that use is an impulse rather than a choice, but there are proven treatment methods that can change thought patterns and behaviors that contribute to continued use. Anyone can recover from marijuana addiction, and it can never hurt to try.

Fear that Life Will Cease to Be Enjoyable after Marijuana Addiction Recovery

People who use marijuana may have done this for so long that they feel defined by their addiction. Their life is wrapped around drug use, and marijuana is the first source of comfort when faced with stress or fears. Users may feel that life will no longer hold enjoyment without marijuana or that emotions will be overwhelming without the drug. This is not true, as life will be more enjoyable, individuals will be more aware and learning healthy ways to cope will provide greater satisfaction in life.

Find Marijuana Addiction Recovery

The road to marijuana addiction recovery may seem intimidating, but all it takes is a first step. Call our toll-free helpline, and talk with us about your fears, concerns or questions. We are available 24 hours a day and can help you find the resources you need for a long-lasting and meaningful marijuana addiction recovery. Break free from fear and addiction; call now.