3 Important Reasons to Avoid Current Marijuana Users After Rehab

3 Important Reasons to Avoid Current Marijuana Users After Rehab

Getting into rehab and out of an addiction takes a great deal of work. Not only do recovering users put their lives on hold to get sober, but they also involve their loved ones as they do so. Therefore, when rehab is over, it is important to maintain the sobriety that users have put so much effort towards achieving. However, maintaining recovery can be difficult after rehab, especially if your friends continue to use drugs. Even if people’s drug of choice is marijuana, it is critical that a recovering user keeps her distance from these people to protect her sobriety.

Why Should Recovering Addicts Avoid Current Marijuana Users after Rehab

To maintain a healthy and successful sobriety, you must focus on staying sober, which means that you might need to avoid current marijuana users. In fact, you should avoid marijuana users even if they are your friends, because doing so will help you accomplish the following tasks:

  • Preventing temptation – Even if you did not go to rehab for marijuana, talking about how great a drug makes you feel can tempt you to use drugs again. This temptation might then lead to cravings that overwhelm you into relapse.
  • Avoiding a gateway drug – As you continue to hang out with friends that abuse marijuana, you might consider using this drug, even though you have already gotten sober. If you break down and do so, you might not find yourself addicted, but you may be more likely to experiment with other drugs that could be even more dangerous than marijuana.
  • Keeping strong – The only way that your sobriety is going to last is if you surround yourself with people who support your recovery efforts. Your friends who continue to use marijuana in your presence are only making your recovery more difficult.

It is important that you avoid current marijuana users after rehab, because doing so will help you avoid problems like temptation and getting sucked into a gateway drug, and it will help you focus your time on new ways to stay sober.

Risks of Friends that Abuse Marijuana

If you surround yourself with people who abuse marijuana after your stay in rehab, you are putting your own wellbeing at risk. Not only are you making it more likely for you to relapse, but you are also stifling any progression as a sober individual. As a result, your likelihood for relapse skyrockets, and your willpower can severely diminish. In other words, seek help to stay sober after rehab.

Help Avoiding Marijuana after Rehab

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