3 Jobs Commonly Linked to Marijuana Addiction

3 Jobs Commonly Linked to Marijuana Addiction

Although some people cite research that shows the drug is not physically addictive, marijuana carries a strong risk for psychological addiction and other health risks. Some jobs may be more commonly linked to marijuana addiction than others, including the following:

  • Stress, anxiety or other psychological stressors that marijuana relieves
  • Access to marijuana
  • Marijuana-friendly cultures or workplaces that do not maintain strict drug-testing procedures

Although recreational marijuana use is illegal and employers can use random drug tests to remove users from their workforces, there are many types of jobs that do not use this kind of enforcement.

Entertainment Jobs and Marijuana

Musicians, actors, directors and entertainment industry executives have been infamously connected to marijuana use for decades. Many celebrities flaunt their drug use publicly and maintain carefully guarded distribution networks. Even entry-level workers and those aspiring to a career in the entertainment field may be tempted to use marijuana to identify with that particular culture.

Scientific Research and Medicinal Marijuana Jobs

Many universities and private corporations are involved in marijuana research. These programs tend to promote a pro-marijuana perspective and the surrounding professional culture may support marijuana use. Several states allow for use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Thousands of jobs have sprung up to support those programs, all of which create easy access to the drug in an environment that supports its use. At least one major website has created a sort of clearinghouse for pot-friendly jobs that are available around the country.

Self-Employment and Marijuana Addiction

Recently many workers have become self-employed, including the following positions:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Computer programming and development
  • Creative services
  • Data entry
  • Non-lab research
  • Financial services
  • Video editing and production

Self-employment offers many advantages, but it does not come without risks, especially with drugs. Self-employed individuals may experience higher pressure to perform and earn. They are also removed from typical corporate accountability and oversight. These circumstances create the perfect environment for marijuana abuse and addiction.

Ending Marijuana Addiction

A few important things must happen for a marijuana addict to quit. First she must identify why the drug has such a draw. Are there co-occurring psychological or emotional issues she is unconsciously medicating? Does he need to change his social circle or his environment to escape the temptation to get high? As with any addiction, it is the psychological power of the disease that makes recovery so challenging. Treating marijuana addiction requires specialized counseling and rehab.

If you are concerned about your use of marijuana please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right away. If someone you love is becoming increasingly absorbed in the marijuana culture, we can help. You might need to make some major changes in your life, including where you work and what kind of accountability you submit yourself to, but you can experience a life free from the complications and health risks associated with drug use. Our counselors are standing by right now and the call is completely confidential.