5 Reasons to Get Clean from Marijuana

5 Reasons to Get Clean from Marijuana

According to the 2010 World Drug Report by the United States, Marijuana is, “the most widely used illicit substance in the world.” It has permeated society to such a degree that many feel its use has become normalized, like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. In some countries laws against marijuana possession have been enforced more strictly, while in others it is hardly enforced at all. In America, the debate about marijuana is ongoing. Despite purported benefits when used medically, it is clear that regular marijuana use can and does have negative effects on those who use it and those close to them. There are many reasons to get clean from marijuana, five of which are listed below.

Get Clean from Marijuana because of the Side Effects

As with many drugs, the most obvious effects of marijuana are the physical. The body and mind’s near-immediate reaction to the drug can include the following undesirable side effects:

  • Distorted perception of sights, sounds, time or touch
  • Affected or lost memory
  • Trouble thinking and problem-solving
  • Fear
  • Panic
  • Anxiety

Marijuana use generally causes an immediate increase in heart rate and decrease in blood pressure. As a result, the risk of heart attack is increased by four times within an hour of marijuana use.

Long-term effects of marijuana include experiencing many of the same respiratory problems as those who smoke tobacco products such as cigarettes. These can include daily cough producing phlegm, frequent acute chest illnesses and increased risk of lung infections.

Get Clean from Marijuana because of the Lack of Motivation

We’re all familiar with the stereotype of the “stoned” couch potato lacking the drive, ambition or motivation to do much of anything. Unfortunately, the stereotype exists because, for many, it is true. As with alcohol, there will be those users who claim, to others and to themselves that they are functional users, able to smoke frequently while carrying on productive lives. These exceptions are certainly not the rule. For most regular users, marijuana use leads to lower grades, unsatisfactory job performance and affected personal relationships.

Get Clean from Marijuana to Avoid Burnout

Burnout, a term coined by marijuana users themselves, refers to extreme cases of lack of motivation. Long-term users can become so dulled by the drug that they become unresponsive to the world around them, including friends, family and previously enjoyed activities.

Get Clean from Marijuana to Avoid Legal Trouble

While marijuana possession is treated with varied degrees of seriousness, it is still illegal. Furthermore, marijuana users are often involved with people or placed in circumstances that could result in further trouble with the law. Even if physical effects are set aside, marijuana users risk jail time and a criminal record, consequences that can have far reaching effects later in life.

Get Clean from Marijuana to Avoid Financial Trouble

Regular marijuana use, as with any drug habit, can be a drain on one’s finances. As one becomes addicted – be it a physical, psychological or emotional addiction – the need for more of the drug blinds the user to the negative, even crippling, effect that their habit is having on their finances.

How to Get Clean From Marijuana

If you or someone you love struggles with marijuana use, you can get help. Don’t let marijuana use interrupt goals and dreams. Call our toll-free 24hour helpline, and talk to a counselor now about addiction and recovery options. When you’re ready to get clean, we’re ready to help.