Am I Too Old for Marijuana Addiction Recovery?

Am I Too Old for Marijuana Addiction Recovery?

Marijuana addiction recovery may seem impossible, but anyone can recover with the right help. For instance, you may believe that you are too old to recover, but the fear of being too old is a much greater problem. While the challenges of recovery may be different for older marijuana addicts, their rates of success are nevertheless great. This means you should seek marijuana addiction recovery regardless of your age.

How Marijuana Addiction Recovery Works

Regardless of an addict’s age, marijuana addiction recovery has a set schedule. First, the body must adjust to sobriety, a process called detox that eliminates physical addiction. Second, the addict must learn new ways to handle problems, big and small, that formerly she solved with marijuana, thus countering the psychological addiction. The ability to adapt physically and mentally is not a trait that only young people possess; in fact older people can do this perhaps better than young people. A 2004 study in the journal Addiction discusses people in different age groups 5 years after drug or alcohol addiction treatment. While 40% of younger adults reported being drug-free in the previous 30 days, 52% of older adults had been drug-free during that same time.

How Age Affects Marijuana Addiction Recovery

Even though older adults can succeed in marijuana addiction treatment, their experiences will differ from those of younger addicts. Physically, it may take longer for older people’s bodies to adjust to sobriety, which is why medically supervised detox is highly recommended during detox. Additionally, older people may believe stigmas about addiction and mental health, which will discourage mental health treatment. Lastly, older people may seek sobriety for different reasons than younger people do. Young people may want to redirect their energy toward work and family, but since many older people are retired and have grown children, they may need to find other reasons to get clean, and they may need to include grown children into their recovery team. In other words, an older addict’s recovery experience may differ from a younger person’s, but recovery is still possible.

Another negative thought that keeps older people from pursuing marijuana addiction recovery is that they think they cannot gain anything from the work to get sober. Marijuana addicts may think it is too late to quit drugs, or that they have damaged their health too much for recovery to matter. However, recovery always offers something. Although marijuana abuse may cause long-term damage, ending that damage enables the brain and body to function at their highest capacity, instead of under the slowing effects of marijuana. Recovery also gives the body a chance to heal the damage of marijuana abuse. In other words, you are lying to yourself if you think marijuana addiction recovery offers nothing.

Help for Elderly Marijuana Addicts

If you or someone you know is an older adult with a marijuana addiction, call our 24 hour helpline to learn more about treatment. The call is toll free and confidential, so begin your healing right now with a phone call.