Benefits of Speaking Openly about Marijuana Addiction

Benefits of Speaking Openly about Marijuana Addiction

Professional athletes and other performers frequently visit schools and other public places to discuss their addictions in hopes of educating and creating awareness in the community. Speaking openly about marijuana addiction can help you maintain sobriety, help other addicts struggling with marijuana addiction and it can help prevent others from the addiction.

Who Benefits from Openly Speaking about Marijuana Addiction?

Openly speaking about marijuana addiction can affect the community as a whole. It is important to educate others about the side effects of marijuana abuse and addiction as it may keep them from experimenting in the future. Discussing marijuana addiction can affect any of the following groups:

  • The community, which can help prevent and stop the use of marijuana
  • By discussing your addiction to your family, you can begin healing the damage from your addiction
  • Friends can help you maintain sobriety by understanding the side effects of marijuana and by being aware of your actions while under the influence
  • By educating the youth, you can help prevent future addictions to marijuana
  • By acknowledging your own addiction, you empower other addicts to discuss their addictions

Openly speaking of your struggles with marijuana addiction can help others who are struggling to either maintain sobriety or take their first step towards sobriety.

How Does Speaking about My Marijuana Addiction Benefit Me?

You can benefit tremendously by speaking about your addiction. Benefits of speaking about your addiction include any of the following aspects:

  • Speaking about your addiction helps you verbalize the struggles and triumphs of your marijuana addiction, which can strengthen your resolve to stay sober
  • Addiction can damage close relationships with family and friends. By speaking with them about your addiction, you can initiate the healing process for both you and your family
  • Marijuana addictions can hinder your career by slowing your work pace, zapping your motivation and leading to absences

Openly discussing your addiction can create a positive environment that discourages relapse and helps maintain sobriety. Whether you discuss your marijuana addiction in a group setting, at a conference or at a community event, you are helping others struggling with addiction, family members who are adjusting to an addict’s life and others from becoming marijuana addicts.

Talk about Marijuana Addiction

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