Why Blame for Marijuana Addiction Only Causes Damage

Why Blame for Marijuana Addiction Only Causes Damage

Addiction is a misunderstood disease, and this misunderstanding leads to harmful practices such as ignoring the disease, placing blame and avoiding treatment. As PBS NewsHour explains, “the reason that addiction treatments overwhelmingly fail is because of how we view addiction…correcting common misconceptions about the disease can be the first step towards improving the social support and medical treatment systems for those struggling with their addictions” (“Why We Should Treat, Not Blame Addicts Struggling to Get ‘Clean,’” April 5, 2013). When individuals focus on placing blaming for why marijuana use starts, they cannot focus on supporting the individual struggling with a real, yet treatable, disease.

Blame and Continuing Marijuana Use

Blame for marijuana addiction is often placed on the addicted individual and his or her choice to use. Concern over why drug use began and what is to blame for early use, such as the individual, peers or personal life pressures, is a matter for therapy, not for public judgment. When first approaching treatment, there is no use in trying to determine cause and effect or assign blame. The individual has a disease, and he or she needs professional help to end it no matter the details of origin or continuation. While an individual may have made the initial decision to use a drug, once addiction develops, choice is no longer a factor. The Independent explains, “people living with addiction…are not able to make good choices, for themselves or others. Their substance of choice becomes the most important thing in their world, and they genuinely can’t see life beyond it” (“It’s Easy to Place the Blame on Addicts,” October 24, 2014). Despite this truth about addiction, many still view continued drug use and the harm it causes individuals and families as a choice, and this belief keeps many addicts secretive about their drug use and unable or embarrassed to come forward and ask for help. Even after receiving treatment, many are hesitant to open up about struggles with addiction out of concern over blame and stigma associated with marijuana addiction. This endangers their personal recovery efforts and keeps those still struggling with addiction from learning the truth about addiction and seeing the opportunities for and effectiveness of professional addiction treatment.

Find Marijuana Addiction Recovery

Blame and fault are not matters for concern when someone is struggling with marijuana or other drug addiction. The real concern is getting help and finding sobriety before serious consequences occur or continue to develop. Treatment offers opportunities for a real, independent life, and treatment providers do not place blame. They understand what addiction is, how it develops and why it continues, and they work with patients to address these aspects of addiction and prevent its return. A healthy, happy and drug-free life is available to anyone. Call our toll-free helpline, 24 hours a day, to learn more about finding recovery for yourself, your loved one and your family.