Breaking the Cycle of Marijuana Addiction

Breaking the Cycle of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction is a serious problem that can have devastating results, though it is often looked upon as harmless recreation. It is a preparation of the cannabis plant and creates feelings of euphoria. Unfortunately, it also can have a lasting negative impact on an individual’s health, both physical and mental. The cycle of marijuana addiction can easily lead to devastation and users must receive treatment in recover fully.

How Does the Cycle of Marijuana Addiction Begin?

While every person’s addiction is different, the paths that lead to addiction often have some common landmarks. Marijuana use typically begins recreationally, with the person using the drug in order to experience a high. Any drug that creates feelings of euphoria has the potential to cause a psychological addiction. Addiction happens when a person continues to use marijuana despite negative consequences. An obsession that is out of control will develop, with the marijuana use becoming the most important aspect of life. The person may believe that he or she cannot live without the drug, and will go to great lengths in order to possess it, even to the point of lying, stealing, or damaging relationships. Addiction often leads to destitution and sometimes even to death.

How Does One Break a Cycle of Addiction?

Marijuana addiction is a psychological phenomenon that must be treated as the chronic disease that it is. Recovery will require an individualized plan of holistic treatment that attempts to uncover and deal with any aspect of a person’s life that might be contributing to the addiction. With addiction there is almost always an underlying reason why the drug is being used, such as a situation that is leading the person feel the need to escape mentally. This treatment should be comprised of elements such as counseling, therapy, support groups, and drug-education classes that will not only uncover root issues but give the individual the tools he or she needs to remain drug-free for a lifetime.

Marijuana addiction is also commonly accompanied by a co-occurring mental disorder such as depression or bipolar disorder. In order for the cycle of addiction to be broken, both issues will need to be treated simultaneously in what’s called Dual Diagnosis treatment. When a person gets the treatment that he or she needs, it is possible to get free from marijuana addiction. Without treatment, the cycle will only continue to get worse, so please get help today.

Do You Need Marijuana Addiction Help?

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