How Can I Help My Addicted Friend?

How Can I Help My Addicted Friend?

Overcoming addiction is a difficult task, but, after sobriety is obtained, the task becomes both rewarding and satisfying. Therefore, despite setbacks and obstacles along the way, the goal of recovery should remain paramount, even when an addict seems reluctant to accept help. How can you help your addicted friend quit abusing marijuana? Seek help to learn.

How to Help an Addicted Friend with Marijuana Addiction

First, understand how addiction works and why addicts are reluctant to accept help. Addiction forms after marijuana dependence does; after a user feels either a physical or psychological need for the drug, she will ignore the damage of drug use and prioritize getting high. This process hinges upon the way a drug works in the brain and how drugs affect users

, so it is important to consider addiction a disease instead of believing the myths that it is a moral failure. If you consider addiction a disease, then the idea of treatment becomes possible.

Interventions for Marijuana Addiction

One of the most popular strategies to help addicts is to prepare an intervention. For a marijuana addict, an intervention might involve a gentle confrontation in which his family and friends discuss how his life has changed once he started using drugs. The characteristics of this meeting will change from case to case depending upon the person and the addiction. Nonetheless, the objective is the same—get your friend to accept help.

If your friendship is still strong, then you could attend some of the treatment programs with your friend. For example, many people avoid support groups because they do not want to go alone, so your presence may incline your friend to at least try the idea.

On the other hand, if your friendship has weakened due to addiction, you can still help. Sometimes, all you have to do is be there in a time of need for the addict to realize how much she has lost. Of course, you do not want to enable addiction, so find practical ways to help the addict or her family without promoting substance abuse.

Lastly, learn about everything related to addiction and recovery to help your friend whenever he wants to get clean. If your loved one does not want to attend rehab, then research the science of addiction and how one treatment method could be better for your friend than another. This kind of knowledge will ensure that better decisions improve the chance of recovery.

Help for Marijuana Addicts

Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day to give you the help you need. Our admissions coordinators can help you find the right intervention services, family counseling, insurance information and more to promote marijuana addiction recovery. Call now to give recovery a chance for your friend.