Can Marijuana Cause a Mental Health Relapse?

Can Marijuana Cause a Mental Health Relapse?

Marijuana is a commonly abused substance, especially as many states have made moves toward legalizing its use (with some states being successful in doing so). This substance is often the center of many debates, as some people view it to be a powerful and multi-faceted healing agent, while other people view it is as a dangerous gateway drug. Regardless of the opinions people have about this drug, marijuana can impact mental health conditions.

Can Marijuana Cause Mental Health Relapse?

Marijuana is frequently abused, because it produces calming effects, relaxation, euphoria and contentment. However, when a mental health condition is present, marijuana can trigger a number of problems that can lead to a mental health relapse. The following conditions do not mix well with marijuana, and they can lead to relapse:

  • Anxiety disorder – Even though the biggest selling point behind the use of marijuana is its ability to produce calming effects, it can also induce a sense of paranoia. For someone who is struggling with an anxiety disorder, using marijuana can trigger anxiety and make it worse, especially if users experience the effects of paranoia.
  • Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and attention-deficit disorder (ADHD and ADD)–One of the biggest components of ADHD/ADD is distractibility. While some people with this condition claim that marijuana helps them focus, other people experience completely different symptoms. Since marijuana produces heightened sensory perceptions, stimuli such as sights and sounds are often amplified. This can be troublesome for people with these conditions, because it increases their distractibility rather than calms it down.
  • Depression – An individual that has depression is likely going to require a medication that helps them relearn everyday tasks. The use of marijuana can significantly impact that progress, as it can produce lethargy and slowed reaction time. These effects will only increase depressive episodes.

Marijuana use can cause mental health relapses when it comes to conditions such as anxiety disorders, ADD/ADHD and depression. But, recovery is possible for anyone who seeks professional help.

Benefits of Abstaining from Marijuana Abuse

If you have a mental health condition, it is always important to understand how the use of recreational drugs can lead to relapse. Even though many people are beginning to view marijuana as a safe drug, it can still alter the way your brain functions. Disrupting brain function in someone with a mental health condition can set the stage for a mental health relapse.

Find Treatment for Marijuana Abuse

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