Cultural Issues Related to Marijuana Addiction

Cultural Issues Related to Marijuana Addiction

The use of marijuana in America has long been prevalent and is steadily increasing. The line between illegal marijuana use and legal marijuana use is becoming blurred as some states are decriminalizing the substance. In some cases, marijuana can be legally prescribed by a doctor for medicinal use. Some of the different issues in today’s culture that may be affecting the abuse of marijuana include the following:

  • Movies and TV shows – Popular entertainment today increasingly shows marijuana as a fun drug. Movies and TV shows depict characters getting high and doing seemingly hilarious things with no consequences. This comedic take on marijuana use may cause people to feel comfortable with abusing it and to potentially become addicted.
  • Music – Reggae music, along with other genres, is closely associated with the use of marijuana. In Jamaican culture marijuana is used heavily and is commonly a source for finding the groove to produce reggae music.
  • The myth that it is a safe drug – Marijuana is commonly thought of as a relatively safe drug that does not pose the threat of addiction. This myth may cause many people to feel more comfortable with first time or long-term use.
  • Social pressure – Marijuana is commonly used in social settings much like alcohol. It is known as a party drug. In social settings where marijuana is present,  individuals may feel pressured into using it to fit in and have fun.

There are subcultures of our society dedicated to the decriminalization of marijuana and that heavily advocates its use. These groups may cause some to believe that marijuana use is not dangerous. Marijuana abuse is most common among the following groups:

  • Middle to upper class suburban, white males – Marijuana use within this socioeconomic group is most predominant among college students between the ages of 18-25 years old.
  • African American males – Marijuana abuse among this group commonly takes places in lower to middle class suburban areas.
  • Hispanic males – Marijuana use among this group is less common than others but still prevalent. Abuse among this group is commonly found in middle class rural areas.

18-25 year old males account for the majority of marijuana abusers. This age group is the most common among marijuana treatment facility admissions. Professional treatment at a licensed facility will provide the best results in recovering from marijuana addiction.

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