The Danger of Thinking You Can Use Marijuana Just One More Time

The Danger of Thinking You Can Use Marijuana Just One More Time

Marijuana has been in the news lately because several states have passed legislation to legalize its usage under certain circumstances. This has led many people to believe that using marijuana does not lead to side effects or addiction. You might even think it’s safe to use marijuana just one more time before or even after rehab. However, using marijuana can carry significant consequences even if you have used it before without any serious side effects.

Dangers Before Rehab

If you have determined that you want to go into treatment for your marijuana use, you have made a wise choice. Taking just one more hit before that treatment might weaken your resolve to go into treatment. You may decide that the positive feelings associated with marijuana are just too good to give up. In addition, just one more experience with marijuana could carry significant consequences. The University of Maryland’s Center for Substance Abuse Research reported in a 2013 article that immediate side effects of marijuana abuse include loss of short-term memory and reasoning, poor coordination, and unconscious muscle movements. The loss of these abilities can lead you to make poor decisions that could incur a lifetime of consequences. You could be injured, commit a crime, or get arrested because of that one last hit of marijuana. The risk is just too great.

Dangers After Rehab

After rehab, you may be tempted to think that you are strong enough to use marijuana without sliding back into the throes of addiction. However, relapse is a real possibility. The body and psyche will respond to the reintroduction of the drug into your system, and you will experience the cravings again. A 2012 article from Psych Central indicated that if you struggled with withdrawal the first time you tried abstinence from marijuana, you are more likely to consume more of the drug after your relapse, putting you at greater risk for long-term consequences. If you continue to relapse, you are at a greater risk for damaging your brain. According to a 2012 article from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, users who have taken large doses of marijuana may experience hallucinations, delusions, and the feeling of losing one’s personal identity. Long-time users can experience schizophrenia-like disorders.

Getting Help For Your Marijuana Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with a marijuana addiction, we can help. You can call our toll-free helpline any time, 24 hours a day. You can talk with one of our admissions counselors who can help you determine the best options for your unique situation. Don’t be fooled into thinking that marijuana is a “safe” drug. Call us today and get the help you need to overcome your addiction.