Dangers of Getting Marijuana from a Dealer

Dangers of Getting Marijuana from a Dealer

Before answering the questions about the dangers of getting marijuana from a dealer, it is important to understand that marijuana is addictive. Marijuana can cause an addiction which will have long-term social, physical and emotional effects.

Street Drugs and Their Dangers

Any drug you buy on the street from a dealer likely contains suspicious ingredients. Marijuana that you buy from a dealer on the street will never come with a guarantee that it is pure or safe; there is never going to be any kind of warning label or product description that will instruct safe use of the drug. Basically, buying and using a drug from a street dealer is a crapshoot: you can never be sure that the drug will be safe.

The following dangers of buying street drugs put you at risk for serious health consequences:

  • Drugs purchased from a street dealer can be impure and mixed with a variety of substances that dilute the product and increase the profit of the dealer. These substances can be harmless or harmful—the dealer rarely knows or cares.
  • Drugs purchased on the street can be of various levels of purity and strength. Thus, there is often no way for you to determine the quality or strength, and overdosing is likely.
  • With no knowledge of the exact nature of the drug or drugs you are taking, the addictive consequences will be unknown. You may develop addictions or reactions to unknown substances, making it difficult to determine a medical prognosis or medical plan for detox and recovery.
  • Street drugs can be anything, and if you are ever caught by the police in the possession of a drug, you may discover you have more than you bargained for.
  • Street dealers are engaged in illegal activities, and they have every reason to hide and run from the law. They have no reason to obey any other laws, including those related to weapons and violent behavior. Associating with such persons puts your life in danger.

Marijuana Addiction Help

If you are getting marijuana on the street from dealers, you are putting yourself at risk. Find out more about the dangers of getting drugs from a dealer, and find out what you can do to escape the traps and dangers. Call our toll-free helpline; our staff is available 24 hours a day. They can answer your questions about marijuana and the dangers of getting it from a dealer.