Dependent Personality Disorder and Addiction Help

Dependent Personality Disorder and Addiction Help

It may surprise people when they receive a diagnosis for a personality disorder, but this diagnosis can also relieve people, because they finally have answers to why they have such drastic problems. Furthermore, if you abuse marijuana and also have this disorder, it may explain your insatiable desire to get high as you medicate the symptoms of your disorder. To recover, understand the link between addiction and personality disorders to restore your mental health while ensuring long-term sobriety from drugs.

What Is Dependent Personality Disorder?

Dependent personality disorder is characterized as an intense psychological dependence on other people. In other words, people with this disorder rely heavily on other people to meet their emotional and physical needs, because they believe other people are much more capable of handling responsibility than they are. They believe other people are more competent, emotionally and mentally powerful and more capable of providing stability, so the disorder involves excessively trusting others and thoroughly doubting oneself.

This personality disorder also produces the following problems:

  • A distorted view of the world
  • Viewing others not as they truly are, but as the patient imagines them
  • Heavily relying on a caretaker
  • Feeling inadequate and incapable
  • Unhealthy submission in relationships, including abusive ones, to avoid being abandoned
  • Lack of self-worth

People with dependent personality disorder usually feel helpless, so they seek people who can provide the support they believe they need. Without this support, patients are often filled with anxiety, stress and depression, which they seek to relieve by any means necessary.

Dependent Personality Disorder and Marijuana Addiction

The link between marijuana addiction and dependent personality disorder has many variables. The disorder often compels patients to relieve their pain through unhealthy behaviors, even if patients believe the behaviors are wrong. They may engage in these unhealthy behaviors to avoid displeasing the person they rely upon, so they may abuse marijuana. Additionally, many people with this personality disorder abuse marijuana to self-medicate resulting anxiety, stress and depression. In other words, the addiction can stem from the disorder, or it can encourage it, so patients must address both issues simultaneously to recover.

Help for Marijuana Addiction and Dependent Personality Disorder

Marijuana addiction and dependent personality disorder do not have to control your life or self worth any longer. In intensive treatment, you can get the professional help that will help you address both of these issues at the same time. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to speak to one of our knowledgeable admissions coordinators. Calls are confidential and can lead to instant support, so seek help today and begin your recovery as soon as possible.