Do Good People Get Addicted to Marijuana?

Do Good People Get Addicted to Marijuana?

Although marijuana has a reputation as a drug for slackers, anyone can become addicted to marijuana. Marijuana could possibly affect your work ethic once you become addicted, but some people that become addicted to marijuana are hard working and successful and may not even experience a decline in their work ethic while addicted to marijuana. Anyone can become addicted to marijuana, and although you may be able to hide your addiction, it still has a deep effect on your life. Marijuana touches every area of your life, causing problems that you would not experience if you were not addicted.

How a Person Becomes Addicted to Marijuana

A person does not choose to become addicted to marijuana, but instead begins abusing marijuana and allows his or her abuse to develop into addiction. When a person begins abusing marijuana, it is often recreationally at parties or to find a release for stress. Marijuana is not a healthy way to cope with stress or to get loose at a party, and over time these activities can turn into triggers that encourage a person to abuse marijuana. As individuals continue to smoke marijuana, they build up a tolerance to the drug and require more marijuana to achieve the same high. In time, users begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they do not abuse marijuana and eventually addiction sets in, driving them to do anything to abuse more marijuana, even lying to their loved ones or quitting their job.

Can I Quit Marijuana on My Own?

Many people suffering from marijuana addiction mistakenly believe they can either control their addiction or stop abusing marijuana on their own. Marijuana addiction is not taken as seriously as other addictions such as heroin or cocaine, but in reality it is just as serious. Marijuana addiction is not something you can kick on your own, and as long as you continue abusing marijuana, your life will be turned upside down. To quit marijuana, you need to seek professional addiction treatment that will help you understand your addiction and learn how to manage your cravings.

Stop Using Marijuana Now

If you are addicted to marijuana, stop using the drug now and get the help you need today. Call our toll-free helpline at any time of the day or night to speak with a trained addiction expert about marijuana addiction and addiction treatment. We want to help you find effective treatment that will allow you to overcome your addiction and avoid relapse. We are here 24 hours a day to help you find the best treatment possible, so call now.