The Downside of Treating Marijuana Addiction as a Crime

The Downside of Treating Marijuana Addiction as a Crime

The criminal status of marijuana addiction can be confusing because first off, the legal status of this drug varies from state to state and is a trending issue in court rooms across the U.S., and second, the use of marijuana is still illegal in most states across the U.S., but addiction itself is not a crime, it is a disease. It is difficult to separate why marijuana use is considered a crime, but marijuana addiction is not, and when marijuana addiction is treated as a crime, it only adds to the already present stigma attached to addicts and addiction as a whole.

Obviously, marijuana addicts are engaging in illegal activity since the use of marijuana is illegal, but the addiction itself is not a crime. Treating marijuana addiction as a crime negatively affects the public’s knowledge and perception of the disease and it also hinders addiction recovery.

Ending Marijuana Use Problems Before Legal Intervention

Most people would assume that marijuana addiction is a crime because marijuana addicts are legally prosecuted for their drug involvement. Addiction is a disease that takes control over an individual’s thought-processes and behaviors, which is why addicts’ lives often spiral out of control. When marijuana users reach the point of full-blown addiction, it is very likely that they will encounter the legal repercussions of marijuana use since they are using, purchasing, or cultivating so much of the drug to maintain their addiction. The downside of treating marijuana addiction as a crime is that despite being arrested, going to jail, paying high-fines, and earning a criminal record, the addict is unlikely to find recovery, or long-lasting recovery success.

How Alternative Sentencing Benefits Marijuana Addition Treatment and Recovery

Instead of placing addicts in jail, addiction specialists are urging the government to provide alternative sentencing options through drug courts. This way addicts have the choice of either treating their disease or going to jail and facing harsher legal ramifications. Persons eligible for alternative sentencing may find themselves in a rehab program as well as required to perform community services and other programs. Through alternative sentencing, it is hoped that drug-offenders will get the treatment they need to end their addiction for good. Addiction is highly-misunderstood, and addicts who would never have thought of or wanted to seek treatment before legal intervention can learn about their illness and its root causes. Getting addicts into treatment instead of putting them into jail cells for a short-period benefits everyone.

The legal ramifications of a drug-related offense can haunt an individual for years. Having a criminal record can cost an individual their current job and future employment as well. This can impact the addict’s finances, marriage, family life, child custody, insurance coverage, health, relationships and more.  Getting addiction help before it causes criminal persecution can prevent so much devastation from entering a person’s life.

Avoid the Repercussions of Marijuana Use: Get Addiction Help Today

If you are ready to quit using marijuana, you can call our toll free helpline for assistance from a recovery professional. Our recovery professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you with the information you need about your options for putting an end to marijuana use. We have connections to several of the top-rated treatment and recovery services across the nation and can find and connect you with the recovery options that are right for you and your needs. Whether you still have questions and concerns or are ready to find recovery today, we are happy to help you along the way. To learn more about your potential recovery journey, call our helpline and speak with a recovery professional today.