Effects of Marijuana on the Immune System

Effects of Marijuana on the Immune System

Even though marijuana is notoriously known as a gateway drug, the country largely accepts using this mind-altering drug. As more and more states legalize and/or decriminalize its use, marijuana might not appear as dangerous as people believe. However, despite this newfound thought, marijuana has always wrought a host of problems that can break a user’s health.

How Marijuana Affects the Immune System

Medical professionals have studied marijuana use to determine how it damages the immune system. They have uncovered some research on how marijuana is a cause for concern, because it promotes poor health by limiting the primary function of the immune system. Some of these effects include the following issues:

  • Bronchial damage – One of the main functions of the bronchial passage is to prevent germs from entering the lungs. When people regularly smoke marijuana, the cells in the bronchial passage suffer, making them less able to keep foreign germs out of the lungs.
  • T-cells are designed to attack germs as they enter the body. If someone consistently smokes marijuana, T-cells weaken, making them less able to fight sickness. This impacts immunosuppressant qualities, which means users will get sick at a faster rate than those who do not smoke.
  • Myeloid-derived suppressor cells, or MDSCs, work against the immune system, and are much more prevalent in cancer patients. Smoking marijuana can produce more MDSCs which suppress the immune system.

While medical professionals have made great leaps to legalize medical marijuana, there are still some serious side effects that impact the body’s immune system. These problems include breaking down some cells that protect the body against germs and the development of immunosuppressant cells.

Help for Marijuana Addiction

The connection between illness and marijuana addiction is extremely strong. Even though regular marijuana use can threaten a user’s immune system, its effects often make people feel better if they are ill. Because of this, most people cannot see the harm in its use; however, continual use can lead to serious problems, such as the ones listed above. Getting help for a marijuana addiction is always the best option, as it can allow a user to stop relying on a substance. This will enhance a user’s emotional and psychological state rather than teaching them to depend on a powerful substance.

Help with Marijuana Abuse

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