How Family History Affects Your Predisposition to Marijuana Addiction

How Family History Affects Your Predisposition to Marijuana Addiction

Family history can affect marijuana addiction

Most people believe that pot use is benign. However, marijuana use can be deceptive and can quickly become abuse. Most people who become dependent on marijuana do not even know that they have an addiction problem and frequently deny that there is a very real problem. The belief that addiction is highly influenced by an individual’s family history is widely accepted by the scientific community and marijuana addiction is no different.

Marijuana Addiction is Like a Disease

Once an individual begins using pot, the risk of developing dependence is partly influenced by genetics and partly influenced by life experience, personality, and underlying emotional concerns. The bodies of some people respond to the effects of pot differently and this is one of the reasons it is widely believed that addiction is a disease. Heart disease, for example, is caused not just by bad diet, smoking and lack of physical activity but can also be caused by family genetics. Diseases like cancer and diabetes are also due to a combination of lifestyle and genes. The same is true when it comes to pot addiction.

How Does Family History Affect Pot Addiction?

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, family history is a powerful indicator of future drug and alcohol addiction. When an individual decides to use marijuana, it is a choice that is influenced by the availability of the drug, their family and the environment. Thousands of cases demonstrate that pot addiction may in fact run in families.

An individual with a family member that has addiction issues will be at a higher risk of developing addiction. Children of addicted parents have to be mindful of their predisposition because the environment in which they grew up fosters poor coping skills, unhealthy behaviors and familiarity with addiction in them. Family often provides the first introduction to substance abuse and this may affect children in profound ways. Cross addiction (addictions to multiple substances, or becoming addicted to a new substance after recovering from addiction to an old substance) is commonly seen in such cases because all addictions essentially work in similar ways.

How Rehab Can Help

Those with a family history of addiction need to take responsibility and learn practical skills that will help them avoid becoming addicted to marijuana. Rehab can help you learn practical skills for coping with issues in healthier ways. Through self-improvement, support groups and family addiction counseling, you can learn to contend with the positives and negatives of life in a productive, positive manner.

Addiction professionals at rehab facilities believe that stress may be the biggest trigger for pot addiction. By learning and practicing how to build a lifestyle that reduces stress and gaining tools to diminish the effects of stress, you can avoid marijuana addiction successfully.

The best way to avoid becoming addicted is to entirely abstain from alcohol, pot and any other drugs. If substance use has already become a problem in your life or the life of someone you love, confidential, supportive help is available.

While an addiction history in the family can increase your chances of developing pot addiction, you can still retain full control of your life and avoid or overcome addiction with the right skills. Call our 24 hour toll free number today to learn about practical ways to avoid pot addiction.