Finding Accountability to End Marijuana Use

Finding Accountability to End Marijuana Use

When you are addicted to marijuana, you do not think clearly. Your expectations for yourself go down, those around you no longer find you reliable and you may begin to spiral into a more complex addiction. Your thoughts are clouded by your use, and you may be unable to truly understand what you need to do in order to stop using. It usually does not become clear until you hit rock bottom, where you are held accountable for your actions during your use.

Accountability and Marijuana Use

Once you hit rock bottom and choose to get treatment, you will be held accountable for everything you do. This may not be something that you are used to. You can learn the following in addiction recovery:

  • How to take responsibility: Make a list of all those you have hurt through your addiction. This will likely be one of the first steps during your treatment for marijuana use. By taking responsibility for causing harm, you are holding yourself accountable for what has been done. This is one of the most difficult steps a recovering marijuana user must take, for it requires honesty and strength to rectify problems with others.
  • How to look inwards: Have a good look in the mirror and truly think of all the things that your marijuana addiction has done to you. Do not run away from your problems, rather accept them for what they are and begin to work through them. It is through this acceptance that you can hold yourself accountable for the harm you have caused yourself and your body during your use.
  • How to make good on promises: Whether it is an unpaid bill, a friend you continually blew off or a family member who needed your help, work to get on good terms again through holding yourself accountable to your promises. No one will take you seriously if you are all talk and no action, so staying true to your word is an extremely important step in the process of holding yourself accountable.

When in treatment, you are also expected to be accountable for your behaviors and your actions during your stay. This level of expectation from your peers, doctors and therapists can begin to give you a glimpse into what life is going to be like for you when you complete your program. Be sure to pay attention to what you are learning because finally accepting accountability for your addiction will help keep you on the path towards a long-lasting recovery.

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