Should You Give Money to a Marijuana Addict Who’s In Trouble?

Should You Give Money to a Marijuana Addict Who’s In Trouble?

It is common for friends and family members to want to try and do everything possible to help an addicted loved one who is in trouble. While giving money to a marijuana addict may be intended as a form of help it is typically an inadvertent way of enabling addiction. The line between helping and enabling is slim and it can be difficult to recognize the difference. Marijuana addiction commonly thrives because the addict has numerous avenues of financial support and free resources from friends and family members. A marijuana addict may present great need for financial assistance in order to pay a bill or fee that will cause them significant trouble if it is not paid. As a loving family member or friend the assistance may be given in order to help the addict stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, the reality can often be that the addict is using the money to purchase more drugs. Helping a marijuana addict by giving them money even when they are in trouble protect them from the consequences of their actions and is enabling the addiction. As it can be hard to recognize whether a marijuana addict is being helped or enabled the following includes some of the most common signs of enabling addiction:

  • The addict is loaned money on several occasions and never pays it back
  • The addict gets out of difficult situations without consequence because someone makes excuses for him or her
  • The addict gets help paying his or her bills
  • The addict is bailed out of jail and does not have to pay the fines
  • The addict has any other legal fees paid for
  • The addict has his or her responsibilities taken care of

Giving money to a marijuana addict is considered enabling because the addict believes that he will always be bailed out whenever he is in trouble. The addict may also believe that he does not have to take care of his personal responsibilities but can instead continue to abuse marijuana. If the addict consistently has someone that takes care of his problems and gives him money then the addiction and the negative behavior can continue to thrive. There are few circumstances that providing financial resources to an addict would actually help them. However, in some cases helping an addict when he has a legitimate financial need can benefit him. Some of the ways that giving financial support to a marijuana addict can help him may include the following:

  • Paying for counseling services
  • Paying for drug treatment programs
  • Paying for other medical treatment needs
  • Paying for childcare or food for their children

Covering needed expenses for an addict can help him only if he is unable do to it himself. Giving money directly to the addict for these expenses would not be helpful. Instead, pay for the expenses in person so there is no temptation to use the funds for other bills or drugs. Marijuana addiction can be overcome and the likelihood of a safe and successful recovery is significantly increased through professional treatment services.

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