Grief and Marijuana Addiction

Grief and Marijuana Addiction

Grief is a natural reaction to loss of a loved one, a job, divorce, rape or violent crime. Some people deal with these accompanying emotions negatively, like with drug abuse. While using marijuana to numb grief may seem like a good option, addiction can complicate grief and make recovery from both more difficult. However, despite this difficulty, many treatment centers can help you overcome grief and its resulting problems such as addiction. Get help today to safeguard your health.

How Grief Encourages Marijuana Abuse

People who are dealing with grief may abuse marijuana for any of the following reasons:

  • Abusing marijuana may feel much easier than admitting that you need help dealing with grief. Rather than turning to a person to work through the issues of grief, some people abuse marijuana to avoid their emotional pain. Numbing one’s emotions through the relaxation of marijuana is easier than dealing with grief.
  • It’s what you’ve learned. A child learns patterns of behavior and ways to cope from his care-giver. Therefore, if a parent or close relative numbed grief through drug abuse, the child is more likely to reflect this act in the future.
  • It provides instant relief. Today’s culture celebrates instant-gratification, so dealing with problems over time seems too slow. In such a “quick fix” culture, people may be unwilling to take the long, hard road of recovery from the pain of loss. That person may instead turn to marijuana, which will instantly relieve the trauma or pain. Unfortunately, drug use often magnifies pain in the long run, so this healing process backfires.

Marijuana addiction does not take away grief; rather, it only delays the expression of it. Only by dealing with grief can people find the peace and serenity that they long for. Fortunately, professionals who are trained in dealing with concurrent issues such as marijuana addiction and grief can help people deal with both issues at the same time.

Help for Marijuana Addiction and Grief

There is a way through pain that doesn’t involve drug abuse. If you struggle with an emotional problem that is compounded by drug use, then know that we can help. Please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline anytime. You can talk with one of our addiction recovery specialists about the best options for your unique situation. We can help you find relief from marijuana abuse and the grief it masks. Call us today and find the better life you are looking for.