Helping Someone Stay Clean from Marijuana

Helping Someone Stay Clean from Marijuana

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the U.S. Marijuana is used by people of every age, socioeconomic status and educational level and is classified as the following:

  • Mind-altering intoxicant
  • Stimulant
  • Psychedelic
  • Depressant

While marijuana use and possession is illegal, there have been many efforts to legalize marijuana. People who seek to do so feel that it is not a significantly harmful drug. However if a person is abusing marijuana, he or she is at risk for addiction. Addiction affects the following:

  • Physical health
  • Mental and emotional health
  • Interpersonal and professional relationships
  • Financial stability

If someone you know is abusing marijuana, there are many things you can do to help them get and stay clean.

Helping Someone Stay Clean from Marijuana

People usually do not categorize marijuana as an addictive drugs that requires a full treatment program including detox, addiction treatment therapy and aftercare support. However to increase the chances of having a full recovery from marijuana addiction all of those treatment options are recommended. As someone who wants to help a person stay clean from marijuana, it is important for you to understand the following aspects of treatment:

  • Marijuana detoxification. Medically supervised detox services are the best choice for detox, because they can be customized and integrated with other treatment programs. A person addicted to marijuana can stop using the drug with minimal physical withdrawal symptoms, but psychological withdrawal and drug cravings are powerful enough that professional help is necessary to complete the detox process.
  • Marijuana addiction treatment programs. Inpatient treatment is recommended when a person needs a secure environment free from distractions, but a person addicted to marijuana can often successfully receive addiction treatment through counseling. Counseling options include individual counseling in which a recovering marijuana user establishes a relationship with the counselor in an effort to identify and resolve any issues that led to the person abusing marijuana. The counselor sets the stage for the recovering user to speak freely, provides support and encouragement, helps the addict delve deeply into issues in a safe environment, provides information and helps the user create a plan to live a life free from marijuana.
  • Marijuana outpatient therapy. Outpatient therapy is an option that marijuana users can explore that offers a variety of options to best meet the recovering user’s needs. If the individual prefers a treatment option that offers education and life skills sessions along with scheduled treatment times, they may choose a full day outpatient program. If the individual feels that he or she would benefit more from group therapy along with periodic individual counseling, an evening outpatient program might be the better choice.
  • Ongoing support groups. Support groups focus on peers providing support to peers and allow a person to attend as often as they want.

Learn More about Helping Someone Stay Clean from Marijuana

If you would like to learn more about how you can help someone stay clean from marijuana, call our toll-free helpline. You can learn about interventions, find the right treatment program, verify your insurance benefits or explore other aspects of addiction recovery. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about marijuana addiction treatment. We are here to help.