How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Stop Using Marijuana?

How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Stop Using Marijuana?

If your boyfriend abuses marijuana, you may well know that this activity can threaten your relationship. Many people belittle the effects of marijuana, especially those who push to legalize the drug, which may confuse you as to whether the drug is actually harmful. However, if you believe this drug is interfering with your relationship, then seek professional help to get your boyfriend clean and to restore your intimacy.

How Marijuana Abuse Affects Relationships

Marijuana impairs the brain and has several effects. For instance, marijuana abuse can cause users to experience a distorted sense of time, paranoia, impaired judgment, short-term memory loss, anxiety and depression. Furthermore, these effects can cause other harmful issues, like violent and aggressive behavior, neglect, accidents, injury and more. These effects of marijuana can linger to impair users for several days to even weeks after the euphoria wears off.

These debilitating issues and long-term effects indicate that, while many regular marijuana users claim the drug has little effect on their thoughts and behavior, the drug is still a mind-altering substance that dramatically affects how users think, feel and behave. There are several long-term consequences and risks of using marijuana, and these effects will impact the lives of anyone in the user’s life. In other words, marijuana can impair users and their relationships with intimate partners. People whose boyfriends abuse marijuana may find their relationships empty, unfulfilling and filled with emotionally void behavior, so seek help as soon as possible to address these heartbreaking problems.

Should I Confront My Boyfriend’s Marijuana Use?

If you want to get your boyfriend to stop using marijuana, seek professional help. Recovery professionals can advise you on the best way to help, and they can provide credible information regarding treatment. Whether you are looking for rehab, support groups, intervention services or other resources, many professional resources can help both you and your boyfriend recover from addiction and its consequences. Many people fear they will lose the relationship if they address the addiction. Others feel too embarrassed to end the relationship, because they think their boyfriends would quit if they, the other parties, were better looking, sexier and etc. However, marijuana is addictive, so quitting extends far beyond someone’s individual control. Therefore, seek professional help, because these irrational fears can be as destructive as addiction.

Help Addressing Your Boyfriend’s Marijuana Use

If you are searching the internet to find ways to get your boyfriend to quit marijuana, then you have problems with your relationship and need to address them. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to talk with an admissions coordinator and learn about the many available resources that can eliminate marijuana addiction. Calls are confidential and can connect you with treatment as soon as possible, so reach out for help right now.