How Can Moms Help Adult Children Struggling with Marijuana Abuse?

How Can Moms Help Adult Children Struggling with Marijuana Abuse?

It can often be difficult for a mother to approach an adult child about his or her marijuana abuse habits. If the adult child lives at home, this enables the mother to have better control over the outcome of discussing the topic of marijuana abuse for the first time. Some of the initial steps a mother can take when approaching an adult child about marijuana abuse include the following:

  • Initiate a discussion – Mothers can initiate a calm discussion about how the marijuana abuse is affecting them personally. Avoid writing letters to the adult; instead, have a face-to-face discussion. When a mother honestly explains how her feelings and personal life are being negatively impacted by the adult child’s marijuana abuse problem, it can often be enough to encourage the child to want to change his or her behaviors. State facts about marijuana, such as its potential for addiction, its health risks and other negative results of abusing marijuana.
  • State that the child is dependent – In severe cases of marijuana abuse, a mother should state that the adult child is dependent on the drug and is in need of treatment in order to recover.
  • Have treatment options available – Do some research and acquire a list of suitable treatment options for the young adult to choose from.
  • Offer to pay for and provide transportation to treatment – In most cases, adult children who are severely abusing marijuana will not have the financial ability to pay for their own treatment. In order for the young adult to accept treatment for marijuana abuse, it is best if all the details are already taken care of.
  • Have consequences for failure to accept treatment – If the adult child does not want to accept treatment, have a list of consequences that will be enforced immediately unless treatment is accepted. Necessary consequences often include removal from the house, loss of vehicle privileges and not being allowed on the premises. These consequences can be hard to enforce but are often necessary for marijuana abusers who refuse help. Be prepared to enforce these consequences if the young adult still does not accept treatment.

These steps can change for adult children who do not live at home and have families of their own. The mother may not be able to enforce consequences that would have significant impact on the adult child. In this case, it may be best for the mother and the adult child’s family to collaborate on holding an intervention with all of the immediate family involved. An intervention can help the adult child to understand how his or her marijuana abuse is negatively affecting everyone and to see the need for treatment. Using a professional interventionist can help with planning and mediating the intervention, as well as providing information about suitable treatment facilities.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Marijuana Abuse?

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