How Common Is Marijuana Overdose?

How Common Is Marijuana Overdose?

There is a lot of debate over marijuana, which is a commonly used drug that is illegal in the United States, though there are many states that have it approved in various forms for medical use. The problem with general research for the drug is that it is a hot-button issue with many individuals, and therefore much conflicting evidence exists both supporting and vilifying the substance.

What can be procured though, is that overdose of marijuana is not very common, at least not when smoked. What happens more often is overdose from ingesting the drug. Many users cook the substance in their food, or lace it in brownies or Rice Crispie treats, and when this is done, the amount of marijuana that is being eaten is hard to gage. As a result, an overdose is more likely.

While it is not believed that marijuana overdose is fatal, in fact some research supports the fact that it is nearly impossible to die from any dosage of marijuana, there can be some side-effects that can make the user feel as if they’re going to die.

When too much marijuana is taken in, the user may experience some of the following:

  • A panic attack
  • An increased state of paranoia
  • Trouble breathing
  • Become unresponsive
  • Dilated pupils
  • Loss of personal

The side effects of marijuana overdose can continue for several days.

There are potential long-term effects of marijuana overdose as well. When the drug is smoked, the user often inhales and keeps the smoke in their lungs for a more extended period of time in order to increase the effect. Holding the smoke in their lungs, even in such seemingly short incriminates as taking a drag, can cause severe respiratory damage.

But because there is still much research that support the fact that marijuana “doesn’t kill anyone,” many do not see the seriousness of the substance’s abuse.

The major issue with marijuana comes when combined with other substances. When the drug is used, alcohol or harder drugs are often used in conjunction with it. Using it in this careless, recreational function can lead to dire effects. Combining drugs often has ill effects, and marijuana’s ability to increase one’s heart rate, in combination with similar effects from other drugs makes it dangerous to join with any other drug. This is something that many supporters of the substance would even admit.

So, in the end, while marijuana overdose is not common, the drug still has potentially harmful effects that are often ignored by proponents of the substance, and, especially when in combination with other drugs, should not be taken lightly.

Where to Find Help

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