How Cost and Availability Influence Marijuana Use

How Cost and Availability Influence Marijuana Use

Almost everyone has heard of marijuana (sometimes referred to as weed or pot), and many of us have seen this drug either in passing or in everyday life. While many states debate over the legalization of marijuana and some have decriminalized it, many people struggle with marijuana dependence and even marijuana addiction. If you use marijuana for medical purposes, it is important not to let pot use control your life. For a pot enthusiast of any kind, the eventual cost and upkeep of this drug habit can become problematic.

Marijuana as a Starter Drug

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that most young people are provided drugs for free by a friend or family member. This proves true for many drug users, and marijuana is often a shared drug.

In fact, many people begin using illegal drugs with the use of marijuana. Many people debate the dangers of this drug, and it remains illegal in many states. While it is more affordable than many other illegal and legal drugs, it can lead to greater and more serious drug use, especially when you must purchase marijuana from a person who sells other more serious and expensive drugs.

Marijuana remains affordable compared to many other drugs, which makes it more complicated to track, more complicated to treat, and less likely to be treated when used in excess. The real cost of marijuana use happens after workplace drug tests, custody agreement battles, or driving under the influence (DWI or DUI) charges.

Marijuana Addiction

Many people debate if marijuana can be addictive or not. The truth is that marijuana can absolutely be addictive. While weed does not cause an immediate dependency or tolerance like other addictive substances like opiate drugs, it can become a crutch for daily living and a psychological way for people to avoid problems or anxiety.

Marijuana addiction is also often combined with an addiction to other drugs or activities. Marijuana and alcohol addiction are often seen together, and even other behavioral addictions like shopping, sexual activity, or gambling can be seen alongside a marijuana addiction.

Help for Marijuana Dependence and Addiction

If marijuana has become an important part of your life or the life of someone you love, it may be time to consider treatment options. Weed can be a tempting escape from everyday life, but it can also become a problem and a much higher cost over time.

We offer a completely private, licensed helpline that is staffed by addiction professionals. We can help you learn more about the warning signs of marijuana dependence and help you find a reputable recovery solution that is covered under your insurance. We can even help you find interventionists, rehabilitation centers, and more. Call us now to find out how we can help you.