How Do I Know if My Parent Is Addicted to Marijuana?

How Do I Know if My Parent Is Addicted to Marijuana?

Helping your parent overcome addiction is a noble task; after all, addiction is a serious condition that requires medical attention, so you are behaving well when you seek someone else’s recovery. When addiction plagues your parent, it can be easy to detect if you know what to look for, so learn the signs of marijuana abuse to know if you must help your parent quit the drug.

Signs of Parent’s Marijuana Addiction

Parents will have a hard time hiding their marijuana addictions, because they are familiar to you and you may even live in the same house. These facts create many opportunities to see

the following signs of marijuana abuse:

  • Acting secretive for no apparent reason
  • Red eyes and shallow breathing
  • Acting similar to being drunk
  • Intensified appetite and eating without control
  • Being with friends who are known for abusing drugs
  • A change in normal appearance or mood
  • The characteristic smell

If you see these signs in your parent, then she might be abusing marijuana, and addiction to the drug is a serious problem.

An addict will exude certain characteristics; first, tolerance, meaning he needs more of the substance to achieve the same effects. Then, psychological physical dependence forms, meaning he thinks he requires the drug to function normally. Upon dosage reduction or discontinuation, withdrawal symptoms will occur that often include irritability, sleep problems or appetite changes. Lastly, marijuana abuse must affect a user’s life and other’s.

This last point is vital, because it might be why you started to worry about your parent in the first place.

A marijuana addict will show the following issues:

  • Irresponsibility in daily tasks
  • Job loss or extended unemployment
  • Financial struggles despite a good income
  • Detachment from family
  • Frequent mood changes
  • Irritability when confronted about drug use
  • One or more drug-related arrests

Seek help if you think your parent is addicted to marijuana. You are not betraying your parent by asking for assistance; in fact, it is great that you have found out about the problem in time to help. There’s even the possibility of rehab for older adults.

How to Help a Parent Overcome Marijuana Addiction

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to learn how to help your parent overcome marijuana addiction—if you are under the age of 18, find an adult you trust and ask her to call for you. Our admissions coordinators can connect you with treatment that will address your parent’s addiction, so call anytime, and remember that the call is confidential.