How Equine Therapy Can Help People With Addiction

How Equine Therapy Can Help People With Addiction

Equine therapy is a type of recovery method that uses horse to help people with various conditions, including addiction. Marijuana, meanwhile, is a commonly used recreational drug that is illegal in the United States. This is a very controversial fact, however. Many think that it is capable of use for medical purposes, while others simply find it simply to be harmless. About 10% of recreational users will become so involved with marijuana, though, that it will impair their work and relationships. In these cases, an intervention and addiction recovery would be necessary.

Equine Therapy and Addiction

Equine therapy is often used as a supplement to addiction recovery. The way in which this type of method is handled varies depending on the facility itself, but a patient will generally meet with a horse every day, in addition to continuing his regular treatment regimen. Typically, patients will become caretakers to the horses, helping to assist the animals with their daily lives. This includes basic activities such as exercise, feeding and grooming, though many programs do not take the horse any farther than being saddled. Riding is often discouraged since many of the horses are advanced in age or previously injured.

There is much evidence that being responsible for the care of a horse gives recovering addicts a responsibility that encourages them to stay on the straight and narrow road to sobriety. With the assistance of equine therapy, people can learn to stick with a regular routine and stay on a schedule, which helps to prevent them from relapsing. The presence of such animals has also been shown to sooth and relax an individual, assisting him or her through moments of extreme cravings. Animals also offer an unconditional love to their caretakers, and this type of love can help a patient reestablish his feeling of self-worth and confidence. Regaining this quality can greatly assist in getting a handle on his addiction.

In addition, the animal reacts to a person’s various moods, vocal tones and actions. A recovering addict has to learn or re-learn how he can affect the feelings of other people. The horse can provide a way for him to see clearly the type of effect he can have, which further helps him rediscover respect and trust in relationships.

With a drug like marijuana, which can sometimes become a seemingly permanent fixture in someone’s life, traditional therapy alone is not always enough. The assistance of something supplemental like equine therapy can be the trick an addict needs to recover from his substance abuse.

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