How Marijuana Abuse Complicates Mental Health Issues

How Marijuana Abuse Complicates Mental Health Issues

Marijuana use can seem like an easy way to get high and escape problems and troubling emotions. This can be particularly true if someone struggles with a mental health issue. Regardless of whether that issue has been diagnosed or not, marijuana can be a tempting solution to the problem. However, marijuana use can have serious consequences and actually worsen a mental health issue. While marijuana abuse can be dangerous on its own, when combined with a mental health issue those dangers can multiply.

How Marijuana Affects Mental Health Issues

Because marijuana use affects the brain, it can alter how the brain works and in turn have an impact on any chemical imbalance that may be present. The chemicals that are altered to achieve the high can worsen the symptoms of an existing mental disorder or trigger the onset of new symptoms. Marijuana use can cause bipolar disorder, psychosis and schizophrenia. While under the influence of marijuana, symptoms of a disorder may seem to disappear, but once the effects wear off the symptoms will often reappear with greater intensity. Additionally, a marijuana high is typically followed by a greater low, including feelings of depression an anxiety. If you have a diagnosed mental health issue that is being treated by prescription medication, you need to be cautious of potential interactions between marijuana and that drug. In some cases these interactions can be extremely dangerous.

Effects of Marijuana Use

Not only can marijuana affect your psychological health, it can harm every area of your life, especially if it becomes an addiction. Addiction happens when marijuana becomes an obsession to the point that you use it regardless of the consequences, which are often severe. While under the influence of marijuana you can make serious mistakes and do and say things that you may regret. You may go to great lengths to get more marijuana or hide your drug abuse. All of these things can lead to anxiety. You may damage your relationships, deplete your finances and diminish your quality of life. To lessen the effects of marijuana, seek help as soon as you recognize a problem.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Marijuana Abuse and Mental Health Concerns

If you struggle with both marijuana abuse and a mental health issue, seek professional rehab treatment that addresses both issues simultaneously. This sort of treatment is known as Dual Diagnosis treatment. Unfortunately, not every rehab facility is equipped to handle both issues, so make sure that the rehab you choose can give you the comprehensive treatment you need.

Please don’t wait to get help with these dangerous issues. They are debilitating problems and can devastate your life. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, so call us now for immediate, professional support.