How Money Is a Factor in Marijuana Use

How Money Is a Factor in Marijuana Use

There are different types of marijuana, and the cost varies between them. The price also varies geographically. Much of the marijuana sold in the United States is produced in Mexico, and the price tends to be significantly cheaper closer to the border. Some consumers are willing to pay more for marijuana imported from other countries, such as Columbia, Jamaica and Thailand.

No matter how inexpensive it may seem in the beginning, drug use tends to turn into drug dependence and addiction. Addiction is a progressive disease, and addicts will spend more and more money to support their drug habits. Although the cost of marijuana doesn’t tend to be that high, it does tend to rise over time and can end up far more costly than users imagined.

Hidden Costs of Marijuana Use

The following lists many of the hidden costs associated with marijuana use:

  • One of the hallmarks of marijuana is that causes “amotivational syndrome,” or a lack of drive and motivation. People with a lack of motivation work only to afford their marijuana habits. Marijuana can sap users’ earning potential.
  • Marijuana use can affect short-term memory and make it harder for users to learn and remember information. This can also make it hard to keep a job.
  • Marijuana can contribute to higher medical bills. It affects the immune system and heart rate and can contribute to respiratory and blood pressure abnormalities. A marijuana user’s risk of a heart attack is more than four times higher than normal in the first hour after smoking a joint.
  • Marijuana use correlates highly with injuries from accidents as the drug impairs coordination and response time.
  • There may be significant legal costs associated with marijuana use. These costs may be related not only to possession of the drug, but to illegal activities committed under its influence. Legal trouble can also cost users their freedom and future opportunities.
  • Insurance costs may rise. DUI charges may raise car insurance rates. Increased medical problems related to drug abuse may cause health insurance costs to be higher.

Help with Marijuana Addiction

If you need help breaking free from marijuana, give us a call. Our toll-free helpline is staffed 24 hours a day and our counselors are always ready to talk with you. They can check if your health insurance will cover treatment, and they can answer your questions about recovery. Don’t let marijuana continue to cost you physically, emotionally, socially or financially.