How to Get Clean from Marijuana

How to Get Clean from Marijuana

With Proposition 19 in California in recent news and much debate surrounding marijuana abuse, there are many people who do not consider pot to be an addictive drug. Yet most psychologists agree that marijuana, also known as weed or “Mary Jane”, is a psychologically addictive drug. There are many problems associated with marijuana use, including the following:

  • Pot remains illegal in the United States. Using marijuana can get you into a lot of trouble. A criminal record with drug possession will stop you from getting jobs, from working with children, and from receiving scholarships and grants for education. It can cost you custody of your children and your driver’s license and it can land you in jail.
  • Pot leads to other drug use. Because it is illegal, the person who provides your marijuana is likely to offer you other drugs at some point. Studies show that people who use marijuana are much more likely to use other drugs or drink more alcohol.
  • Because marijuana is illegal, you never know where your drugs are coming from. Your weed can be mixed with other harmful substances.
  • Smoking marijuana is much worse for you than smoking cigarettes. You are much more likely to get cancer, emphysema, or lung disease if you smoke this drug.
  • Smoking pot and driving is just as dangerous and illegal as drinking and driving. If you get caught or you hurt someone, you will probably pay for it for the rest of your life.

The cost of marijuana dependence and use just isn’t worth it for most people. But for those who are addicted, the compulsion to use can cost everything.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

The big question to ask here is do you feel addicted? Do you rely on weed to calm you down, to go to sleep at night, to wake up in the morning, or to feel comfortable? Experts agree that any activity can be addictive if it does the following:

  • It affects your life
  • It costs you relationships with loved ones
  • You no longer do things you used to enjoy
  • You don’t associate with your non-using friends as much
  • You try to stop using but always end up using “one more time”

Get Clean from Marijuana Now

Maybe you had a wake-up call recently. Perhaps you need to pass a drug test.  Either way, you realized that you need to get clean from marijuana. Like any drug or substance, getting clean from marijuana requires treatment. A quality treatment center will offer you counseling to understand your marijuana use and structured treatment to help you get marijuana out of your body now. Other things a good treatment center will offer include mental health counseling, treatment for other drugs or addictive behaviors, family support and follow-up care.

Need Help Finding Marijuana Treatment?

We offer a 24 hour, toll-free helpline that is staffed by trained counselors to help you. We can offer you treatment resources and care immediately. Learn more about your treatment options and how to make treatment affordable for you and your family. Find out what your options are. Call us today.