How to Party without Marijuana

How to Party without Marijuana

Marijuana has often been known as a party drug that helps people relax and have fun. Marijuana can cause people to lose the inhibitions that keep them from relaxing and enjoying themselves. It can take away stress from the day or worries about work, school, and other personal issues. Marijuana is commonly mixed with alcohol for an even greater effect. When mixed together it can cause a person to do things they wouldn’t normally do. This heightened state of relaxation and intoxication is often enticing for people who have trouble relaxing or want to escape the troubles of reality. However, there are numerous ways to have fun and get together with other people without the use of marijuana. Consider the following when trying to have a drug-free get together with friends:

  • Marijuana is often used simply to relax and escape reality for a short time. This task could also be accomplished by sitting on a beach and enjoying the water and sun with friends.
  • Drugs like marijuana are often used to offset boredom that can arise from sitting around with friends and having nothing fun to do. Planning more exciting get-togethers that involve things that are personally enjoyable such as outdoor activities can help to offset boredom.
  • In many cases a group of old friends may not be interested in new marijuana-free activities or parties. For the sake of personal health and well-being, new friends who don’t do drugs can be beneficial.
  • Exploring new and creative hobbies, visiting new places, meeting new people, and forming intimate relationships can help a person to feel good without the use of marijuana. Eating healthier foods and exercising can also help produce more natural energy and help people feel better physically and mentally.
  • Most urban areas have numerous sober events planned for the public for like-minded individuals to join each other.

Throwing specified marijuana-free parties can also be beneficial for getting together with friends who are accustomed to using marijuana at parties. Hosting themed parties can create excitement and getting other people involved with the planning can ensure a better turn out. Some ideas for sober parties can include the following:

  • A movie night filled with comfortable seating, gourmet popcorn, candy, and soda
  • A sports themed party that has plenty of finger foods and desserts as well as seating centered on the T.V.
  • An outdoor potluck at a park or in a big back yard where people can play catch or other games
  • A costume themed dance party that encourages people to dress up

Taking time to plan events and be intentional about not using or allowing marijuana to be present can be beneficial to having a successful drug-free party.

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