Marijuana Abuse in Asian Countries

Marijuana Abuse in Asian Countries

Accurate drug statistics are hard to come by in Asian countries because there are several diverse countries involved and most of these countries lack effective drug monitoring systems. On average, marijuana abuse in Asian countries is far lower than Western countries in Europe and North America. According to 2010 statistics from the World Drug Report, only 1.6%-2.3% of adults, ages 15-64 had used cannabis in the past year. However, it should be considered that countries like China have a monstrous population, and 2.3% may represent a large number of individuals. Still, as a drug abuse problem, marijuana abuse rates are relatively low in Asian countries.

In most Asian countries, marijuana has long been cultivated and used for medicinal purposes. Most individuals using the drug now use it on occasion as a remedy for a sickness or ailment, not for recreational purposes. The other reason why marijuana abuse has not taken off in most Asian countries is because of the strict drug laws and penalties that are heavily enforced in most Asian countries. Many Asian countries are notorious for mandatory death penalties for drug trafficking and lengthy prison sentences for consumption, possession and use. Malaysia, China and Singapore are just a few countries known for their harsh drug penalties.

Drug Abuse Trends in Asian Countries

The prevalence of marijuana use and abuse in the U.S. can be compared to heroin abuse in some Asian countries, most notably China. The Chinese government has indicated that recreational drug use and abuse is on the rise, as well as drug addiction rates and drug-related crimes. As fast as the population is growing in China, the culture is becoming more westernized. In addition to technology, fast food and American pop culture, the Chinese culture is well on its way to adapting what many consider “the American disease:” drug addiction. Many believe marijuana abuse is on the rise, but the biggest drug abuse trends in China and other Asian countries revolve around the abuse of heroin and club drugs like MDMA, ketamine and rohypnol.

With strict drug penalties, drug abuse in many Asian countries is still scarce but appears to be creeping up more than before. Drug abuse problems and synthetic drug use is highest among young, wealthy urbanities and rural youth. Addiction treatment centers claim that a majority of the addicts they treat are under the age of 35.

Drug Addiction Treatment Options in Asian Countries

The resources for drug addiction treatment in Asian countries are on a steady incline. With options that follow many Western treatment methods and styles, individuals have the opportunity to utilize multiple treatment options and their benefits. From detox to therapies, individuals can find all sorts of effective treatment options that will cater to their individual recovery needs. Not all addiction treatment resources in Asia are professional like in the U.S., and some are known for being relatively harsh and reprimanding patients. To find the right addiction treatment options, it may be best to seek help from a professional who knows what each facility and program has to offer. Cost, privacy, staff-to-patient ratios, success rates, specialization and treatment options offered are all things to consider when trying to find the right addiction treatment services.

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