Marijuana Addiction and Malnutrition

Marijuana Addiction and Malnutrition

People often associate marijuana use with an increase in appetite and weight gain. While these results are commonly seen in active users and addicts, marijuana addiction can also cause malnutrition and loss of appetite. The relationship between marijuana, addiction and malnutrition can be linked to physical effects of the drug and also to the user’s overall behavior and attitude toward taking care of himself.

One major symptom associated with marijuana withdrawal is appetite loss as well as nausea and vomiting. These effects can lead to significant weight loss and nutritional deficiencies. Many marijuana addicts go through the cycle of quitting and relapsing multiple times. This can cause the addict to experience intense changes in appetite between using and going through withdrawal. This can be confusing to the body and may cause problems with metabolism processing and other functions. Due to poor eating habits, the user’s body is often not receiving the nutritional content it needs to properly function and feel well.

The other connection between marijuana addiction and malnutrition lies in the overall attitude and behavior of an addict. Addiction is a disease that can consume the user. Typically, an individual who has fallen into the trap of addiction will lose the ability to maintain his physical appearance or hygiene. With addiction, the user’s mind and body are devoted to the drug. Other issues, such as physical health, can become less important.

The Dangers of Appetite Change from Marijuana Addiction

Individuals dealing with malnutrition or poor dietary health due to marijuana addiction may encounter many future physical and psychological health problems. Malnourished individuals are susceptible to infection since lack of proper nutrition can make their immune systems weak. The body can shut down because it is not receiving the fuel that it needs to function. Numerous health conditions can arise when the immune system is weak. Dehydration, digestive problems, skin issues, deterioration of muscles and body aches are common, as well as the constant feeling of fatigue.

The many physical, mental and emotional consequences of malnutrition can interfere with an individual’s wellbeing and ability to recover from addiction. Addiction recovery is a long and challenging process that requires strength and dedication. The physical and mental health problems caused by malnutrition can handicap the individual’s ability to properly heal during treatment. Effective marijuana addiction recovery treatment programs incorporate nutritional treatment and counseling to aid in a total healing process.

Finding Help for Marijuana Addiction

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