Marijuana Addiction and Weight Problems

Marijuana Addiction and Weight Problems

Recent studies cannot determine how marijuana addiction affects a user’s weight, but when it does it can have numerous effects depending on the user’s personal situation. However, you should know that you can get clean and return to a healthy body weight if you seek professional help.

How Marijuana Addiction Impacts Body Weight

Marijuana addiction or even casual use can affect a user’s weight, as it can encourage both weight loss and gain. Some of the ways it affects weight can include the following methods:

  • Developing the “munchies” – One of the most common side effects of marijuana addiction is experiencing what addicts call the “munchies,” which is when a user desires to snack on everything around her to excess because eating feels so pleasurable. Usually, the foods that a user craves while high are often fatty, sugary foods that are quite unhealthy. Continually abusing marijuana and giving in to the “munchies” can cause a user to gain weight over time, as she is likely to binge while high.
  • Replacing food with marijuana – Some people have complications when it comes to food and their compulsive behaviors, such as overeating as a result of emotional stress. For example, people who abuse marijuana may do so to distract themselves from compulsive eating behavior rather than binging on food. The problem is that replacing one problem with another is only going to perpetuate both issues. Therefore, when these issues combine, users may experience even more weight problems, especially if they practice unhealthy eating habits.
  • Lacking exercise – Aside from developing the “munchies,” another side effect of marijuana abuse is apathy and overall laziness. Therefore, a user is less likely to be physically active to stay in shape. Because marijuana abuse either completely eliminates or limits one’s desire for exercise, a user can easily begin gaining weight as a result.

Between battling the “munchies,” replacing food with marijuana and developing apathetic behaviors to good health, marijuana addicts can struggle with either excess weight gain or loss, depending on their reactions to the drug and the reasons they use it.

Marijuana Addiction Help

While smoking marijuana might not seem to be a life or death problem, there are numerous side effects that can occur from consistent use, and these side effects can cripple both a user and his loved ones. However, getting into a treatment program can teach users why they are using, how to stop using and begin designing their futures free of marijuana addiction.

Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get the assistance you need to stop using this powerful substance. Do not waste one more second on drug abuse, and call us today for instant support.