Marijuana Addiction in the Workplace

Marijuana Addiction in the Workplace

Your work is a huge part of your life. Most of us rely on our employment to pay our bills, support our family and live the life we want to live. Yet all it takes is one positive urine test to change your life.

Although medical marijuana has become legal in some states, there is still much debate surrounding marijuana use. Most employers ban or limit marijuana use and many screen their employees for marijuana in urine or blood before they will allow the employees to work. In many cases, an employee can be fired for using weed or other drugs.

While marijuana is not legally considered to be physically addictive, doctors and psychologists agree that weed is psychologically addictive. Psychological addictions are just as strong as other addictions like sex addiction, gambling addiction, shopping addiction and more.

Signs of Marijuana Addiction in the Workplace

Some common signs of marijuana addiction in the workplace include the following symptoms:

  • Lack of concentration and drive
  • Slowed speech, communication or productivity
  • Employees who show up late to work or often call in sick
  • Unusual behavior or actions
  • Sudden changes in behavior or actions
  • Depression, defensiveness, anger and anxiety

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, we can help. The best way to overcome addiction or substance abuse is through a reputable rehab program. While a rehab program does take you away from work for a short period of time, there are clear benefits to reaching out for help. A little time away now can save your career down the road.

If you would like to learn more about how drug treatment can help you and how you can attend rehab and keep your job, call us now. We offer live counselors that will work with you to plan your best route to recovery.

What to Do When an Employee Is Addicted to Marijuana or Other Substances

When an employee faces an addiction, it costs the company money and time. On top of that, there are potential employee liabilities for accidents on the job, missed work, and productivity losses.

If you have an employee who is struggling with marijuana abuse, you may be facing some serious potential problems, including these issues:

  • Risk of employee accidents or erratic behavior
  • Negative employee relations or negative working environment
  • Lost revenue from sales loss, damaged inventory or damaged relationships

It is absolutely in your best interest to help your employee seek assistance. One way to do that is through inpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment are proven ways to help your employee get back on track to leading a more productive life and back on track to doing business.

Need Help Finding Marijuana Recovery Resources?

To find out how to plan an employee intervention or to learn how to manage an addicted employee, call us now. When you call our confidential 24 hour toll-free helpline, you will speak directly with an experienced counselor who will be able to help you do what is best for your employee. Call now.