How Marijuana Addiction is represented in the Media

How Marijuana Addiction is represented in the Media

Marijuana abuse and addiction is often a topic that arises in various media outlets, especially in recent news coverage. Marijuana abuse prevention efforts are becoming increasingly more difficult as advocates for recreational use continue to gain media coverage and footholds regarding the legal status of the substance. Medicinal marijuana use is currently legal in many countries and in some US states. While it is currently still illegal to buy marijuana under federal law, some states have made it legal to be in possession of and use small amounts of marijuana for non-medical purposes. Some of the other ways that marijuana is represented in the media that can hinder addiction prevention and recovery efforts include the following:

  • Hollywood movies and television shows often show marijuana use as something humorous where the depicted characters find themselves in comical situations while under the influence.
  • Celebrities are often exposed in news coverage as avid marijuana users who commonly escape legal consequences due to their celebrity status and do not have to face any real consequences that normal citizens do.
  • Many comic books and online resources strongly advocate marijuana use and the abolition of prohibitive laws against marijuana.
  • Internet articles and research outcomes claim that marijuana is not an addictive substance.

Other media coverage can put marijuana addiction in a negative light for those seeking or in need of professional addiction treatment. Popular television shows can make marijuana addiction intervention, treatment, and recovery seem like on over-dramatized and highly confrontational process that can often cause people in need to avoid seeking help. Some media outlets can make marijuana addiction treatment seem like a one-size-fits-all program. In reality, treatment often requires extensive personal background information and tailoring to fit the specific needs of the individual.

On the positive side of the media’s representation of marijuana addiction, there has been numerous news stories and article releases that show that marijuana is indeed an addictive substance that produces withdrawal effects. Some of the ways that this can help individuals struggling with marijuana abuse include the following:

  • Users can realize that marijuana is addictive and can produce negative outcomes to personal life, health, and wellbeing.
  • Professional treatment for marijuana addiction can become more attainable to individuals who previously believed that marijuana was not addictive.
  • Marijuana addicts can experience a better chance of recovery by accepting professional treatment.

Seeking out immediate treatment at a professional and licensed rehab facility that specializes in marijuana addiction can provide the best recovery results.

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