Marijuana Addiction Is Ruining My Marriage

Marijuana Addiction Is Ruining My Marriage

Marijuana is often billed as a harmless, natural drug with few ill effects. As it is becoming legal in more and more states, use, which has long been romanticized in popular culture, becomes easier and more likely. Marijuana’s legality and easy access cause many people to believe it is harmless, but loved ones of addicts know that this drug is anything but safe. Marijuana and addictions to it change priorities, harm lives and disrupt marriages, so seek help to address this condition and to restore your relationship.

Health, Marriage and Marijuana Addiction

Marriage is promised “in sickness and in health,” and people who are married to a marijuana addict may find their lives are more often complicated by sickness than enjoyed in good health. Impaired motor skills and judgment resulting from marijuana use may lead to accident or injury. Additionally, any smoking comes with increased risk for lung disease or lung cancer, but especially so for marijuana, as this drug comes no filter. In other words, smoking this drug may shorten the quality time you have with your spouse: she may lack the energy, health or lung capacity to participate in activities you once enjoyed together, such as hiking or biking. She may also sit around and watch TV instead of helping out around the house or being active. A marriage that was once filled with favorite hobbies and cooperation may begin to feel lifeless, boring or vapid.

The Legal System, Marriage and Marijuana Addiction

Although marijuana use is now legal in some states, it is still illegal in others. Marijuana use puts you and your spouse at risk for legal consequences, as drugs found in the home or vehicles can land both partners in jail. Even if only your spouse is charged, your marriage may be further strained by jail time and separation. Legal charges may also lead to devastating legal fees that can eat into shared bank accounts or leave both parties in debt. Your addicted spouse may harm your finances by losing employment from a failed drug tests or lack of motivation, and he may have been passed over for promotions due to poor work performance. Furthermore, he may prioritize purchasing drugs over saving for the future. Financial stress is a common cause of marital strain, and addiction adds to this stress.

End Marijuana Addiction Before It Ends a Marriage

A spouse’s marijuana use harms both parties while putting the entire family at risk. Get help for your loved one before addiction ends your marriage: call our toll-free helpline to get help for yourself and your spouse. Our admissions coordinators are here 24 hours a day to support addicts and their families through  addiction recovery.