Marijuana Use among Senior Citizens

Marijuana Use among Senior Citizens

When it comes to drug abuse, senior citizens are often in the spotlight for their misuse of prescription drugs. However, one of the biggest drug abuse problems among this age group is the abuse of a more “socially acceptable” drug – marijuana. While marijuana has not been known to cause death or life-threatening physical harm, it can produce dangerous side effects that can negatively impact older users and those around them. Some of these side effects can include rapid heartbeat, poor coordination, sleepiness, depression and anxiety.

Why Do Senior Citizens Abuse Marijuana?

Even though marijuana is one of the most highly abused drugs in the world, senior citizens often abuse it for a number of different age-related reasons. Some of the most common reasons why senior citizens abuse marijuana include the following:

  • Lifestyle choice – For many senior citizens, smoking marijuana was a part of their lifestyle when they were younger with fewer responsibilities. Now that they are older, retired, and their children have moved out, they may want to continue their use.
  • Medical reasons – Senior citizens who struggle with serious physical ailments such as chronic pain may look for a quick fix to alleviate their pain. Whether it is medicinal or not, many senior citizens abuse marijuana to relieve their pain and find themselves addicted to abusing this drug as a form of self-medication.
  • Coping with aging – One of the most complicated aspects of aging for many senior citizens is coping with the fact that they are nearing the end of their lives. This can trigger issues such as depression and anxiety, and predispose senior citizens to abuse drugs such as marijuana to cope with the stressors of aging.

Many senior citizens abuse marijuana for a number of reasons, including for medicinal purposes, coping with aging, and reverting back to a lifestyle choice they made prior to raising a family.

Marijuana Abuse Treatment for Senior Citizens

Since marijuana does not create a physical dependency, senior citizens who are looking to get treatment can go right into therapy as opposed to having to detox. This provides them with the opportunity to spend more time uncovering the causes of their abuse and working towards developing skills that will keep them from using in the future. As marijuana can create some unpleasant side effects, it is crucial that these elderly users utilize all the skills taught to them in treatment to avoid allowing marijuana abuse to impact their later years.

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