Men and Marijuana Abuse

Men and Marijuana AbuseRecently, as various states have legalized marijuana use, marijuana abuse is on the rise among American men. It is increasingly common to find people who believe that marijuana use is safe and not addictive, but this is certainly not the case. While marijuana is not physically addictive, it can create a powerful psychological dependence that can be quite challenging to overcome. Men also face other unique health complications when they abuse marijuana, including reduced fertility. If you or a man you know abuses marijuana, then seek professional help as soon as possible to begin recovery.

Marijuana and Psychological Addiction

The primary hallmark of physical addiction is experiencing withdrawal symptoms when someone goes long enough without a dose. While marijuana users will not experience withdrawal symptoms due to physical addiction, they may experience the following psychological issues:

  • An inability to cope with stress without marijuana abuse
  • A persistent obsession or emotional craving for marijuana
  • Increased negative psychological symptoms associated with depression, anxiety or other disorders
  • Increased use of alcohol or other drugs to self-medicate co-occurring emotional issues
  • Unpredictable mood changes

Marijuana impacts the same part of the brain most directly affected by depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress and other psychological disorders. Users experience short-term relief from these symptoms while high, but they become tolerant to marijuana very quickly, meaning they will need higher and more frequent doses to get high. In this way, psychological addiction develops, and men will need professional help to recover.

Effects of Medicinal Marijuana Use

Medicinal marijuana does possess many benefits, but is also poses many risks. It can treat nausea in chemotherapy patients, stimulate appetite in AIDS patients and reduce eye pressure for glaucoma patients, but this relief is short-lived and can be accomplished with other medications that pose fewer risks. The most common way to take medicinal marijuana is by smoking, which devastates the mouth, lungs and heart. In many cases, the relief only lasts as long as the high, which means users must remain in a constant state of intoxication to feel better. This is impractical and creates many additional risks. Marijuana also significantly impairs judgment, memory, motivation and motor skills, so users may engage in risky and unwise behavior while under the influence. However, they can recover with professional help.

Help for Men who Abuse Marijuana

Men may use marijuana to relax or have a good time, but if you have tried to quit and failed, then you are addicted. If this describes you or a man you know, then call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are ready to answer your questions about marijuana abuse and they can connect you with qualified treatment for your particular needs. Regain your optimism and call us now.