Nature vs Nurture- What Makes a Marijuana Addict?

Nature vs Nurture- What Makes a Marijuana Addict?

Marijuana is considered one of the most dangerous gateway drugs because many individuals’ first time experimenting with marijuana is also their first time trying hallucinogens. Marijuana addiction is part of a major debate surrounding nature versus nurture in the development of addiction.

How Nature Affects Marijuana Addiction

Addiction is a disease, and each person has a different genetic makeup. However, in families these genetics get passed through the bloodline, making a child of parents who have an addiction problem eight times more likely to develop an addiction than those who do not have this gene. While the likelihood of addiction is more prevalent, this does not mean that a person who is predisposed to addiction will have an addiction problem.

In addition, people respond to drugs differently. While some people can experience pleasure from using a drug and only use a small amount, others continue to chase that pleasurable feeling, which can lead to addiction. This is influenced by the way in which the brain works.

How Nurture Affects Marijuana Addiction

For those who experience addiction in their lives, a lack of stability can be a common denominator. Not having something substantial to hold tight to without worrying about change can be extremely detrimental to a person’s confidence and wellbeing. This can lead to using marijuana as a way to have control over something.

A poor overall environment growing up can also be a major cause of marijuana use. Parental absence, abandonment, abuse and arguments can cause children to look to drugs to help drown out the emotions they are feeling or to get some kind of relief from the stress.

Addiction is always going to be considered a result of both genetic and environmental factors. A variety of things can cause addiction, and the main factor may or may not depend on a person’s predisposition to addiction. The most important thing to remember is if you are someone who has any of these factors in their family, it is crucial to remain vigilant of these problems and work to avoid them.

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