Plastic Surgery and Marijuana Addiction

Plastic Surgery and Marijuana AddictionThere is little evidence to suggest that smoking marijuana leads to tolerance or withdrawal symptoms. However, people who smoke marijuana often develop a strong psychological dependence that is difficult if not impossible to overcome without professional help. Marijuana addicts report that smoking pot relieves anxiety and increases energy levels. Marijuana use affects dopamine activity in the brain, causing users to experience a sense of wellbeing that they begin to crave. For someone who suffers from low self-esteem, these positive feelings can be a strong motivation to continue smoking marijuana.

Marijuana use can eventually consume a person’s life. Marijuana addicts may smoke from morning until night without stopping. They may have little regard for their relationships or responsibilities, as marijuana begins to play an ever increasing role in their lifestyle choices. Despite the lack of evidence to suggest that marijuana is physically addicting, psychological addiction to marijuana is a powerful force that should be addressed through professional addiction treatment.

Risks of Plastic Surgery and Smoking Marijuana

Seeking validation through smoking marijuana is ultimately unfulfilling, as the feelings created by marijuana are artificial and unrelated to genuine experience. Another extreme method that some people may turn to in order to boost their self-esteem is plastic surgery. While some reasons for seeking plastic surgery are valid, a low self-esteem is usually caused by issues that go much deeper than a person’s appearance. Plastic surgery is rarely the solution to self-esteem problems.

Plastic surgery and marijuana addiction can be a dangerous combination. Smoking marijuana causes decreased oxygen and blood flow to skin and soft tissues, which can lead to infection, visible scarring, and healing problems after plastic surgery. Due to the possibility of problems with healing, anyone receiving a plastic surgery that involves the creation of a skin flap, such a face lift or tummy tuck, should be especially careful to avoid smoking marijuana. Marijuana use can also put plastic surgery patients at risk by damaging the effectiveness of anesthesia.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Anyone who is addicted to marijuana should avoid smoking thirty days prior to surgery and thirty days after surgery. When a person is addicted to marijuana and would like to have a plastic surgery, he should pursue marijuana addiction recovery beforehand, in order for the procedure to be safe. Marijuana addiction treatment is the only way to ensure a safe recovery from marijuana use that will allow a person to refrain from smoking pot long enough to have his surgery without complications.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Marijuana Addiction?

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