Staying Sober while on Vacation

Staying Sober while on Vacation

Going on vacation while in recovery for alcoholism can be challenging. Many vacation destinations are centered on cheap alcohol and late night parties. Being far away from support groups and friends can leave a recovering alcoholic at high risk for relapse. Developing a strategy for avoiding alcohol and marijuana and bringing along someone for support can be critical to staying sober while on vacation. Some things to consider while planning the vacation that can help in staying sober include the following:

  • Get a list of AA meetings in the area and consider attending while on vacation
  • Bring along helpful recovery books for motivation
  • Ask the hotel to empty the mini-bar inside the room
  • Don’t go on vacation with friends who plan on drinking and going to parties
  • Bring a friend who understands the need to stay sober and can offer support by not consuming alcohol and avoiding temptation
  • Have a strict budget that doesn’t allow room for purchasing alcohol

Some recovering alcoholics may not want to go on vacation without specific forms of support and guidance. There are many programs that offer guided sober vacation tours. These programs often provide a tour guide that knows where to go, what do to, and how to avoid the temptations of alcohol and marijuana. Sober vacation programs are usually a group of like-minded recovering alcoholics who want to stay sober while on vacation but may feel unable to do it alone. A group vacation can help an individual expand his network of recovering alcoholics and create new supportive friendships. A sober vacation program can also help in the following ways:

  • Reduce the anxiety of traveling during recovery
  • Provides a network of hotels and resorts that do not serve or will not offer alcohol to guests
  • Can offer a private villa in some cases that have a strict zero tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol
  • Temptations will be reduced with personal support
  • Some sober vacation programs can be an extension of 12-step programs

Independent travel can cause intense anxiety and pressure to stay sober. However, there are also programs that allow people to travel independently while giving them the chance to give back to communities. These programs can get a person involved with helping poverty stricken villages by building houses or digging wells. Some sober vacation programs also offer a personalized retreat to spend time alone in the wilderness far away from the temptations of alcohol and marijuana. Developing a plan and having sources of support is critical to staying sober while on vacation.

Need Help Finding Resources for a Sober Vacation?

If you or someone you know wants to plan a sober vacation and needs help please call our toll-free number. Our professional counselors are standing by 24 hours a day to help you in any way possible to stay sober. Don’t let addiction keep you from living. Call us today.