Stress or Anxiety Issues and Marijuana Abuse

Stress or Anxiety Issues and Marijuana Abuse

A marijuana addict with anxiety and stress issues needs to recognize that these issues and drug use are often linked. The UK Department of Health found that panic attacks and anxiety are an effect of acute cannabis use among new users. Many people assume the opposite and that marijuana alleviates stress. Still, the chemical properties are not the only ways in which marijuana can affect a person. Marijuana can also cause stress and anxiety through the following ways:

  • An obsession with procurement, especially when away from one’s regular seller
  • Impaired decision-making skills, especially if an emergency should arise
  • The intense paranoia that commonly comes with marijuana use
  • Fears about passing drug tests at work, school or in sports
  • Financial concerns about spending too much money on drug use
  • Family problems that might stem from marijuana abuse

Cannabis use can cause distress in countless ways, and this is especially problematic for those already inclined toward anxiety and stress. For example, marijuana-induced paranoia can exacerbate social anxiety.

How Anxiety Leads to Marijuana Use

While marijuana can lead to emotional issues, it is equally true that anxiety and stress can drive a person toward marijuana. A person might smoke for the following reasons:

  • Self-medicate mood disorders like anxiety or panic attacks
  • Escape economic stress or unemployment anxiety
  • Wind down a stressful day (mistakenly thinking it helps)
  • Overcome insomnia caused by stress
  • Fit in with a group of friends when social anxiety normally limits interaction

An integrated treatment that addresses addiction, stress and anxiety together is the most effective way to tackle the problem.

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Dual Diagnosis therapy, treatment that addresses multiple disorders at once, provides a holistic approach focused on the whole person. This can include the following services:

  • Comfortable detox aimed at keeping withdrawal symptoms to a minimum
  • Tackle the psychological addiction that often continues after the physical dependency
  • Create a personalized plan custom-tailored for maximum results
  • Treat any mood disorders, including anxiety, panic attacks, depression and mania
  • Teach modern methods for handling a stressful situation, relationship or crisis
  • Look at individuals, environments and social circles that might accelerate stress and anxiety
  • Equip with behavioral tools to combat a relapse, whether with smoke or anxiety
  • Peer-group therapy to learn what’s worked and what hasn’t with fellow patients
  • Aftercare counseling and checkups to monitor one’s mental health and recovery

Treatment is more than just breaking a dependency. It empowers a person to deal with stress and anxiety in a confident and healthy fashion.

The Best Addiction Treatment for Stress and Marijuana Abuse

Are you struggling with stress, anxiety or marijuana abuse? Our friendly and caring staff can help. We are available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to lend an ear, discuss your particular situation and further explain how professional treatment can help. Most health insurance companies cover rehab because, and we can check your policy for coverage. There is no reason to remain trapped in anxiety and addiction. Call us today and let us help you recover.