Suburban Marijuana Use

Suburban Marijuana Use

Illicit drug use has been associated with inner-cities or large metropolitan areas, and even rural areas receive significant attention for this problem. However, suburban communities also struggle with illicit drug use, and their abuse rates are skyrocketing. Get help today if you abuse marijuana in a suburban area.

Marijuana Abuse in the Suburbs

According to a 2012 report by Reuters, a Quinnipac University poll found that the public is in favor of legalizing marijuana by 51 to 44 percent. According to a Washington Post poll released in 2010 over 81 percent of the nation is in favor of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. The medical benefits of marijuana abuse have influenced the public’s acceptance of this drug, but public perception is changing as marijuana is made legal in more US states. People now associate the substance with a recreational drug like alcohol.

Most suburban residents do not abuse marijuana daily, but casually in social settings. Suburban marijuana use is comparable to suburban alcohol use: people use it to relax or unwind after work, enhance social engagements or improve their moods. Popular culture greatly influences residents in suburban areas, and some elements of pop-culture embrace marijuana as a harmless drug of choice. With marijuana more accessible than ever, suburban residents are less fearful of getting caught with the drug because it is now so easy to obtain.

With the recent housing crisis, marijuana growers have flocked from rural and commercial areas to suburban communities. Buying or renting a spacious house with the perfect lighting, air-filtering and watering systems is incredibly affordable and a tactical way to grow marijuana under the radar. Therefore, a suburban home may not be the prototypical house that police search for, but they could house a forest of marijuana.

Marijuana Addiction Help for Suburban Communities

People of all demographics abuse marijuana. People of all different socio-economic statuses, races, genders, age and culture abuse this drug, but this can lead to both a physical and psychological addiction. The drug affects users differently, but can develop habitual and compulsive behaviors, withdrawal symptoms or drug cravings when users go long enough without a dose. Marijuana addiction treatment is available in suburban communities and treatment can be personalized to meet the unique needs of any recovering user.

Addiction Treatment for Marijuana Users

If you want to recover from marijuana abuse, you may have questions and concerns when it comes to finding the right treatment options. Our addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to assist you with all of your questions, concerns and needs. If you’re ready we can connect you with the treatment services that will work for you. To talk with a recovery professional, call our toll-free helpline today.