Do Support Groups Really Aid Marijuana Addiction Recovery?

Do Support Groups Really Aid Marijuana Addiction Recovery?

Most rehab facilities offer support group sessions to help addicts express their concerns without being judged. Everyone else in the group has experienced addiction, which allows groups to form the kind of unity that is commonly seen between family members. An apt parallel, the familial atmosphere of a support group will help recovering users vent about recovery, support others who are struggling and learn how to avoid relapse in the future. These groups help people stay sober, so recovering marijuana addicts should utilize them to stay sober.

Benefits of Marijuana Support Groups

Although support groups may not be for everyone, these groups still offer some incredible benefits, including the following examples:

  • Build a strong support system
  • Provide feedback from others who experienced the same problems
  • Establish goals

Many recovering addicts lack a strong support system on which they can rely, which can cripple their recovery. They may have had support at one point, but now they may be surrounded by friends who use drugs, which leads to temptation. However, while attending support group meetings, recovering addicts can build a strong support system with people who only want the best for them. Someone may lack support from family and friends, but they can find help through other addicts who also want to recover. Secondly, support groups encourage participants to express their concerns, share their triumphs and analyze their defeats with their peers, because they will then receive feedback from people who have experienced the same issues. In other words, users can share ideas to avoid relapse, but they can also use relapse as a lesson for avoiding it in the future. Lastly, support groups help members set realistic goals that people must reach before treatment ends. This helps recovering addicts plan for the future and build self-confidence.

Types of Addiction Support Groups

If you want to find a support group for marijuana addiction, you can participate in any of the following types of groups:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Skills development groups

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used in support groups for newly recovering addicts. This group covers a wide range of treatment and reinforces the transition from rehab to everyday life. Next, psycho-educational groups are primarily designed to teach people about substance abuse, related behaviors and addiction consequences; they apply to daily life rather than problematic thoughts. Lastly, skills development groups install and apply development techniques, which help people avoid relapse and become more independent in recovery. This helps people not only feel more confident in sobriety, but it also prepares them to mentor recovering addicts as they become more mature.

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