Teachers and Marijuana Addiction

Teachers and Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana abuse by teachers can have numerous negative effects on a personal and professional level. When a teacher abuses marijuana and is under the influence while teaching a class it can negatively impact students in the following ways:

  • A teacher under the influence of marijuana will not be able to function properly or teach effectively.
  • Students may be unprepared for certain tests or fall behind on coursework because a teacher is under the influence of marijuana and unable to clearly and effectively impart the lessons.
  • If a student sees an authority figure such as a teacher under the influence of marijuana it can cause students, especially in high school, to believe that marijuana is okay or even cool to use.
  • Marijuana can cause poor judgment, which can lead to teachers neglecting students or placing them in dangerous situations.
  • Some students may lose respect for a teacher and do poorly in the class if they witness him or her using marijuana.

Young teachers may try to relate to high school students by using marijuana or may think it’s not such a big deal to smoke pot.  However, regardless of the age or maturity level of students, teachers should maintain professional behavior at all times and set a positive example for students.

Professional Repercussions for Teachers who Abuse Marijuana

There are numerous professional repercussions to teachers using marijuana in the classroom and they can include the following:

  • If drug use by a teacher is reported the teacher is often suspended without pay while the investigation is conducted.
  • If marijuana use is proven the teacher is often immediately terminated.
  • A teacher who has a drug use charge on his record will likely have his teacher license revoked and never be able to teach again.
  • Teachers who have been convicted of possession of marijuana can face jail time and large fines.
  • Teachers who are in possession of marijuana while in the classroom can be convicted of endangering the welfare of children, especially if a student witnesses the drug use or if the marijuana is within reach of a child.

Endangering the welfare of a child can be a serious charge that involves severe legal repercussions such as jail time and extensive fines. Getting immediate professional help for marijuana addiction is critical to avoiding the serious professional and legal consequences of using marijuana as a teacher. Professional treatment at a licensed rehab facility can provide the best addiction recovery results.

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