Uniting as a Family to Overcome Marijuana Addiction

Uniting as a Family to Overcome Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction affects the entire family, not just the addict. Once a marijuana addict admits that he needs helps, the family can play a major role in recovery.

How Families Contribute to Addiction and Recovery

Families can contribute to addiction in a variety of ways that either encourage or discourage drug abuse. The following actions may readily affect marijuana addiction:

  • Modeling: A child who sees parents abusing drugs to handle stress or to relax is more likely to abuse drugs later on. On the other hand, a family that discourages drug use gives a child a drug-free example for future behavior.
  • Enabling: Family members often enable marijuana addicts to abuse drugs. Enabling behaviors include lying for the addict, cleaning up after her, giving her money and making excuses for her.

Because marijuana addiction affects every family member, the entire family must work together to encourage recovery.

How Families Encourage Marijuana Addiction Recovery

Family participation during and after rehab simultaneously improves the likelihood of recovery and helps prevent relapse. However, family members who oppose rehab can diminish an addict’s commitment to sobriety. Addiction treatment actually incorporates families before the addict ever enters treatment. The family’s role prior to rehab can involve the following helpful actions:

  • Holding an intervention. This is a meeting during which they confront the addict about his addictive behaviors.
  • Refusing to accept excuses. An addict who attends rehab may try to rationalize his behavior or make excuses about why this isn’t the best time for rehab. Refuse to give in to these excuses.
  • Reassuring the addict. An addict will be scared and needs to know that her family will be there after rehab

These actions can help make entering recovery a less traumatic experience. They will also bolster the addict’s courage and challenge her to enter rehab.

How Addiction Treatment Incorporates Families during Rehab

A rehab center may eventually invite the family to meet with the addict’s therapist or treatment team. During this time, the family will have the opportunity to ask questions, express concerns and relay experiences to the addict. Other ways family members will be involved in rehab include the following:

  • Encouraging the loved one to continue treatment
  • Writing letters of encouragement
  • Making positive interactions with the addict
  • Encouraging the addict about being away from the family

Because addiction impacts the entire family, it takes them all to overcome marijuana addiction. Before the addict returns home, make sure that you have removed situations that will trigger relapse. You may even ask some family members to avoid visiting until the addict adjusts to her new life. Family members should make reentry into normal life as smooth.

Help For Marijuana Addiction

The first step in helping a marijuana addict is recognizing the problem. Please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline any time, and one of our recovery specialists can explain your treatment options. Marijuana addiction recovery is a lifelong journey, but you can start the road to recovery right now by calling us.