Using Marijuana for Pain Management

Using Marijuana for Pain Management

A growing number of states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana for medical use, making it easier for people to access this drug as a potential method for pain relief. The medical effects of marijuana are the focus of much controversy. Many who suffer from chronic pain assert that marijuana is effective for pain relief, but many who use marijuana become addicted.

Marijuana Addiction and Pain Management

Marijuana has increased in potency. This is the result of an increased about of THC, the chemical responsible for marijuana’s effects. Marijuana produces a calm and relaxing state, but this relaxation is the result of chemical stimuli. It is not a “natural” feelings, and the user is not increases the quality of his or her life. The user is simply numbing the emotional and physical stresses present. The escape from reality can be addictive, and when you couple that with the physiological burden of chronic pain, pursuit of relief can easily turn into an unmanageable addiction. Underlying depression is often found in those who regularly use marijuana, although it is unknown as to whether this causes use or is a consequence of use. Marijuana users are not getting pain relief and seeing a steady return to a more productive state of life.

Marijuana Does Not Provide Reliable Pain Relief

Most marijuana is neither regulated nor dispensed in a way that ensures formulaic dosage. When an individual turns to marijuana to for pain management, he or she often experiences ups and downs in actual relief levels, because the product varies greatly in quality, potency and potential contaminants. All of these factors make it extremely difficult to conclude what a therapeutic dose is. The unreliable level of pain relief is also associated with negative side effects related to smoking or using marijuana.

Find Real Pain Management and Marijuana Abuse Help

If you are using marijuana for pain management and find yourself showing signs of addiction, we can help. We have recovery specialists standing by who will listen and assist you in identifying solutions. Call us toll free, any time of the day or night. You can be pain free and drug free, and we can help.