Using Marijuana to Cope with a Loved One’s Illness

Using Marijuana to Cope with a Loved One’s Illness

When a loved one becomes ill, it can be extremely difficult to manage and process what is happening. As you watch a loved one fight for health, it can be easy to feel like you are fighting too. Unfortunately, when something this traumatic happens, it can make people feel vulnerable and in need of escape. For those who do not cope well with a loved one’s sickness, they may abuse marijuana to drown out the emotions that come with this issue. If this describes you or a loved one, there is professional help that can get you back on your feet and reconnected with your family.

Dangers of Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana abuse can cause any of the following problems:

  • Isolation—when someone uses marijuana, he can quickly become isolated from loved ones because the drug’s side effects include lethargy and distraction. Sick loved ones will need support, so people who are constantly high may be unable to help. If someone uses marijuana to escape the problem, he leaves his loved one to fight alone.
  • Confused thoughts—an illness can cause many emotions, such as sadness, anger, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. When someone uses marijuana to cope with these feelings, she cannot process these issues, which magnifies the problems.
  • Addiction—while marijuana is not physically addictive, it can become a psychological crutch. As a loved one works through an illness, a marijuana user can becomme addicted, making him ill as well. By doing this, both people become ill and cannot support one another.
  • Communication breakdown—as people use marijuana, they may eventually avoid communication with sick friends and family. This cuts off not only communication, but also the support that she would need to endure a difficult time.

Not only will a marijuana user keep himself from supporting a sick loved one, he will also put himself at serious physical risk. Addiction and dangerous side effects are highly possible that can hinder users both permanently and temporarily. Using drugs to cope for any reason leaves users vulnerable for a more serious problem down the line.

Help with Grief and Marijuana Abuse

Do not try to hide your feelings. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get the help you need to get sober and support your loved one. Stop putting off your problems today, and call us to reclaim your life. Sobriety is worth the effort, so reach out to us now.